Christ as a Man


For me, the most wonderful attribute of Jesus was the fact that he came down to this earth in the form of a man.  Unlike some people’s interpretation, I don’t believe Christ was half-God insomuch that he could deflect temptation easier than anyone else.  I believe his perfect spirit was directly connected with His Father, and thus Jesus was perfectly guided.

This means that temptation was every bit as difficult for Jesus as it is for me, only with Jesus his decision was always the right one.

The fact that Jesus, just as we do, struggled with everyday decisions is inviting, as it means that the Son of Man fully understands and recognizes how we struggle and he also knows this from experience and not just intelligence.

So then, Jesus, the man is to be hailed every bit as much as Jesus, the son of God.  After all, what else would we expect from the almighty except for perfection?  This is NOT what we anticipate from a mere human. Yet, Jesus, the same as us was every bit as human as we are.

As a man, Jesus struggled with justice, with righteousness, with sexuality, with greed, hunger, hope, faith—all of the elements of being human just as we do!

In total, Jesus must have struggled with free will, yet yielded over and over again to the path of his Father who directed Him from Heaven.

Look>  Jesus himself said that we were FRIENDS. He avowed that a servant did not know what a Master did, and pointed out that we were indeed friends and servants only in our mission, but not in our status to our Heavenly Father nor to his Son, our Lord, the Christ.

All of this is exciting.  Imagine:  Mere mortals, we as people are on par with the Son of the Living God.  We are on par and equals because Jesus himself declared it.  And too, we are on par and equals because we are forgiving-all because of Jesus, the Christ.

What else can a person ask from God?  Truly, there is nothing beyond His love for us. And in reality, about all our God requests from us is for us to acknowledge him as God.  Truthfully, I find this to be extremely small for the great rewards of coming into the Kingdom of God as his rightful children.


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