Everything is going to be Alright


Don’t you just hate it whenever you’re going through some hard times and all of the little Pollyanna’s of the world start mouthing off the sugar-coated expressions of, “Oh, every little thing’s gonna be alright.”

No, every little thing is NOT going to be alright.  In fact, things will probably SUCK!

Of course, sure, we keep on praying and yes, God will listen to us, yet more than likely whatever you’re going through will probably get worse over time.  Everything probably will not be fine and, no, more than likely it will seem that our prayers go by the wayside.

And why is this?  Heck, I don’t know and nobody else knows either.  God is sovereign. And God being sovereign he doesn’t have to answer to us.  We answer to Him.

When life sucks horribly, I personally don’t have any good words to say to make things better.  I’m as much in the dark about it as you are.  And truthfully, everyone else is also in the dark.  We simply don’t know.

As Christians, we can affirm, attest, avow, aver and testify to the ever-present fact that Yes, God loves us.  This is not even a question to those who love Christ and the Father.

And no, I’m not promoting a negative attitude.  To the contrary, I believe in positive projections, yet too, I believe in being honest.

As much as the Apostles participated in healings and other various miracles, I have yet to see any contemporary walk on water.  Yes, miracles still happened, but probably in spite of us rather than because of us.

No, the scriptures fail to point out anything such as a faith-healer, etc.  This appears to be more or less a modern invention.

Our job is to remain faithful and obedience in the absence of good news.  Our goal is to remain focused on Christ despite whatever is in front of us.

The long and short of it is that Jesus promised to be with us when life was good and when life sucks.  And while there is a whole lot of good in the world, there are other times when life simply sucks.  To that effect, not everything is alright nor will it ever be until we’re in the full presence of our creator in another world. At that time, God will make it right.


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