“I didn’t say all of the things I said.”

The above statement attributed to Yogism, funny statements from Yogi Berra are a testament to which most of us could wish was true.  In fact, more or less, the truth be known, we’ve actually said a whole lot MORE things than what we should have ever said.

The book of James warns us about the use of our tongue, declaring that none can tame it.  This is all so very true. When it comes to saying stupid things, or hurtful, defaming words, we humans are so darn good at it.

We are so very good at flying off the handle, speaking our mind and at times, also great for telling people off.

Most of us take great delight in meddling in gossip, getting the low-down or our neighbor or fellow worker or even church member.

At other times we speak absolute garbage in praising someone, knowing full well that we don’t mean a word of it.  This is what I call pious profanity, for we act so darn uppity-up whenever we do it as we are ever so eager to impress others, in this case even with lies.

We slander our friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others with glee, cursing everything about them with glee.  Even when our mouth is shut, we rudiment hateful thoughts, feeling as we take inventory of aughts we feel were performed against us.

At other times, we continue to sin by even holding back statements that would be uplifting to others.  Instead, we crawl into our internal comfort zone, apathetic to others and their circumstances. Silence as such freezes the soul and dulls the senses until later, we demand to be heard and our complaints.

Personally, I don’t really know any way out of our dilemma as we will perpetuate our fundamental nature in spite of our efforts.  Thank God, if we are faithful to confess our sins, God will forgive us.  This includes the necessary element to confess also to the person you also sinned against.  None of this will ever really be good enough.  No, for as humans we are flawed.  Yet, we can make attempts to bring our tongues, our thoughts under control.  And this can be accomplished by the saving grace of Christ Jesus and I am sure he meant to say all of the things he said.  I am so glad that he did.




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