How easily do we bleed?

When people curse or abuse you, are you easily offended? They refused Jesus, why wouldn’t they offend you?

When in Psalms explains through David that you are wonderfully made, and then you question what the world states about you?  Get real.  God made you.  Your master is the sovereign of the universe and you wonder if you are good enough.

Are you so darn thinned skinned that you bleed with the slightest slur?  With the slightest criticism of our body, our mind, our soul?

And when you say all the things that you do.  Yes, it hurts and I do bleed.

In the Lord’s creation, it said it was all good.  I will take him at his word.

The truth is:  I expect you to say hateful things, bad things about me, especially when it is not true.  I expect all of that.

And in the absence of the truth, I will bleed, yet will not die, will not

You are wonderful, but not because of your skin, but because of your character.

Because you are special to me, you neighbors and those around you.

When you do all of that, you are going to bleed because you bleed and all of this is beyond physical, it goes down to the soul.  WE bleed because we care.


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