People Are Not Who We Want Them To Be

A common belief among most of us is that people can change for the bad overnight, but we almost never believe it when people say they have changed for the good. For all the other people, we might point out their positive attributes but we issue our caveats: “They would be great, if only such and such were to change…”  We can supply tons of changes people should make and no matter how we add it up, people come up short on our character list.

The truth of it is that we are all human and possess character flaws as such and no matter how much we change, will never be perfect. This is an absolute truism.  As much as we will or will someone to change, they in the end will disappoint because they have not reached that plateau of perfection we desire.

The same is true for ourselves.  We are not who we want to be and probably never will attain the maturation desired.

None of this means we are not good enough for if we are stained in the eyes of people, how much more so in the eyes of God.

Yet, the scriptures explain that we were loved while we were still yet sinners. Accordingly, we will continue to be sinners after the love from our Lord. The difference being that we fall under grace for salvation.

When it comes to our dynamics with one on one people, we should first accept them for who they are.  Sure, there might be stacks of dirt on that person, but our job as a Christian is to recognize their value relative to the eyes of God.  No, they will never be perfect.  More than likely they will never be who we want them to be, but we are to love all the same. In some ways, we can’t be the sum total of that perfect person simply because we are inadequate, not equipped to do it.  We are to strive unto perfection and attempt these virtues with all our hearts, but in the end, none of us will ever be, in this lifetime, the total person they should be.  Because of this, our eyes should forever be focused on Christ.


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