Your Problem Is

Hang around any American long enough and they are going to tell you what your problem is.  You may not even have a problem.  That makes no difference, they are going to straighten you out and tell it to you anyway.

As Westerners, we are obsessed with problems.  All day long, we solve problems and are in the habit as well as generating them.

All of this comes down hard on people, as problematic as we are.

Delve into the self-help books, the thousands of them that one way or another will straighten you out.  You are either too fat, too cocky, too timid, too skinny, too dumb, lack confidence, ugly, out of shape, too old, too young, too naïve; it matters not, you are too something.

Even after reading all of this, you should be tired of problems by now and get down into living despite the problems.  Clearly, problems are nothing more than excuses.  We explain our excuse as a problem:  we can’t sing, paint, walk, run, swim, and bowl, public speak, do math, basketball or anything else that appears of our convenient agendas of can’ts. In short, we focus on our personality as nothing more than a PROBLEM.

Folks, we must get beyond that. Our mates, our spouses our kids are NOT problems. Our neighbors are not mere problems either to be solved. They are to be loved. We are all to be loved in like manner.

The moral is not to go around selling yourself short, getting caught up lacking by the definitions of this world. God says you are important, so important he sent his only son, Jesus for our salvation at the cross.

Problem Solved.

Prior to Jesus, yes, we were a problem. Prior to that there was no hope, but in Christ there is hope for all.

In this situation since there is no longer a problem, there is a solution and the solution is belief in God’s son, the Christ.

Truthfully, no matter how bad you think you are:  no matter how worthless you might believe you to be.  You are far greater among the kingdom of God.

Refuse all the problems this world throws at you and accept the goodness of God’s love.  Come to be known no longer as a problem, but as a member of God’s family.  With Jesus, there are no longer any  problems.



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