Sermon Of The Mouth

More often than not, all those good words that flow out of the mouths of Christians are nothing more than words. All of the LOVE we say we possess for other people are really mostly words.  Sure, at the moment, we mean it, probably and we have feelings we express, but when it comes to the Sermon on the Mount, there is nothing in comparison.

Jesus, on His Sermon on the Mount, expressed over and over again all of the human impossibilities of love.  In this sermon, he illustrated the fragilities of people and the exact perfected character of God.

To obey Jesus’s words is impossible for people and more than possible for God. Sorry, folks, but we as people are limited.

Insomuch that God in Heaven is perfect, we are told in real terms to strive for that perfection. No, we are never going to make that mark, but we are to aim for it.

And we are to perform this in more than mere words.

As much as some of us would like to think we are motivated towards good, in most cases we are concerned with self-interest.  The simple truth is that we just don’t love our fellow man as much as we say we do.

In honesty, we are going to save, to give to our kids, pay our bills, seek the law when harmed and more or less take care of ourselves.

No, that doesn’t make us bad people, but when we proclaim our goodness, we should probably remain silent.

Rather than proclaim all the love we don’t have, we should boldly announce the endless love that God has and how it was revealed through His son, the Christ.

My experience has been that people react, respond to honesty.  And to that effect as good witnesses, we should be truthful in what we say.  Of course, we are required to give an account of ourselves, but more importantly is what we say about our Lord, and His Good News.

Thus, if we are to fight with nothing more than our words, then those words should not be about us, but about the Goodness of God. God is far greater than words and when we point in His direction we get beyond our sermons that are weak, our sermons of our mouth.


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