Jesus, Beyond Words

Aside from reading scripture and the several times when Jesus in fact, quoted scripture, the primary aspect about Him was he was beyond words, in fact, beyond the spoken scripture and in turn,  all his actions became recorded, de facto  scripture in the flesh, in the living.

This is all so very powerful.  Because of who He was, what He did, Jesus then became a walking, living scripture: what in turn, we say is His Word, the beginning.

In like manner, as Christians who are to follow Him, the difference between words and truth is in the performance, in the doing, the action.

The power then, is no so much as what was, but in what is.  For mere mortals is that which separates truth from a lie.

In other words, either it is, or it is not.  There is no in between.

When Christ dwelt on the face of this earth his entire legacy was in demonstrating the character of His Father:  our heavenly. Father .This demonstration was performed daily with declarative acts of forgiveness, love, healing and at other times, knowledge.

Most powerful was the fact that he came in the living:  he was here in the flesh, and had his words equal his deeds.  No separation there.

It is this testament that ascribes to the fact that God is a God of the living.  Through His son’s actions we see an example how to perform.  There is no question that it is impossible to copy exactly what Christ did while he was here with us, but it is clear he provided a beacon for us to follow.

The institutive character of Christ was alive, real, vibrant, and truthful and spoke for itself in the goodness that was given so freely to those around him.

It becomes necessary then not for us to merely read what He did, but to do what he told us to do which is to love one another as he loved us.

In the end, we have scriptures to prop us up when we are ignorant.  On the other hand, we have Christ as the living example that explains and fulfills with its truth. The living example as I this case is Christ Himself as provided by our obedience to His glorious name. Our actions should be a testimony of nothing more than a living scripture as it is dedicated to God’s son, His Christ.




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