Christ Down Here On Earth

As Jesus taught, we pray, our hearts toward heaven.  Yet, in our proverbial search for God, we more often than not look externally toward a God of omnificence, a non-descript God of the universe.

In the wake of our Lord’s departure here on earth Jesus provided us a two-fold promise.  The first promise is that of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter that he would send to us.  The Second promise is that: “Lo, I am with you even to the ends of the earth.”

The baffling aspect of this is since this is true, why then are we as Christians at a loss as to the presence of our Lord in our day to day lives?

Christ came primarily to establish His church for His father.  Christians are his church and since Paul stated that the Holy Spirit dwells in us, then shouldn’t we look to our brother when we look for Christ?

The testament then is that Christ is alive. I say that he is and that he is alive in you and in me.

Jesus said that “When you have done this to the least of me, we have done it unto him.” As noted by the words of Jesus, our mission then, other than proclaiming the message of the gospel is a mission of service to others.

Often misquoted, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said that God was dead.  He said this because he believed fervently that man had killed the spirit of god in their hearts. No, he didn’t believe man had killed god literally, but his point was clear whereas he focused on the immorality of man.

As agents of God’s church, we as Christians are to be representatives of Christ. By his spirit that is to dwell in us, we are Christ as he appears to the rest of the world.  As strange as this is, we of course, can ask how this is to be performed.

Here the dictates are clear:  we are to live by FAITH

The literal Truth is Christ Himself and we are his messengers hinged by virtue of Faith. Our love is to be expressed to others vis-à-vis, love, forgiveness, hope, patience, kindness, tranquility, service, and other characteristics that are typical of God as reveal through Jesus.

This mean we should expose ourselves for who and what we are.  We are naturally human and limited, very unlike Christ and His Father. Whereas where we are not useless, it does mean that most of the time, our words are empty.

And if you don’t believe your words are empty, simply go to the near hospital and speak with the suffering, the dying and talk to them.  Yes, it is true you can provide words of comfort, the comfort comes about not in particular from your words, but from your very presence.

In this demonstration of love, you arrive and live in the image of Christ.  Without the presence of the Christian, there is nothing:  and it might even be a form of Death, very much as Nietzsche spoke of it.

By your presence, you bring God through His Son, the Christ here on earth in the flesh.

This is no small feat.  No, not at all.

This performance to appear is important.  In fact, I can think of nothing greater for a man to perform other than this duty.  The task to reveal the Son of Man is the single most important event, ever.  And for all, this experience denotes the difference between eternal life or death. In fact, the mission is so important, God sent His only begotten Son.

For those remaining on this planet it makes the difference if Christ is brought down here on earth.






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