Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Several popular tunes that I know of states that ‘Everything’s gonna be alright.”  God, I wish this was true.  More often than not, things are horrible.

The secular world would like you to believe is that all you have to do is sing a good movement tune, clap your hands and swag back and forth and then all is fine.

Of course, this is total nonsense.

Your kid is shot in the head.  This is horrible.  A divorce or death in the family is just as bad.  No, things are not going to be alright.  At times, things suck.

I lean more so to a tune a long time ago with Woody Guntrie with “We Ain’t Down Yet!”

Yes, we may get kicked aside, dejected, rejected and many, many, other things, but we ain’t dead.  No, we’re still here.

And in times like that when we cry out to our Father through Christ and say “Abba, help me.”

In times like these, we can rest assure that our Lord not only hears us, but will act.  In this way, though, it is not generally not the way of which we expect or even asked.

 Isaiah 55:8 
New International Version
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

Most of the time, we attempt to either instruct God or ask something that has nothing to do with what we actually need.

Yet, it may be horrible how things come across to us.  More than likely, things will suck.

Again, as Christ taught, we are to live by faith. True enough, things may not be good and more or less will get worse.

However, in the long term, God has your back. And no, everything is not going to be alright.  Yet, trusting in God despite our circumstances, we will come out on top.  Hang in there:  have faith, and trust in your creator that He has a plan for you.  In His hands, everything will indeed be all right, but perhaps not in this universe.


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