Our Holographic Lord

By any means, God is indivisible in nature, yet possesses the ability to impart his spirit into billions of His believers.  This indwelling of spirit is manifested through the entire body of His church through Christians who are inheritors of the Kingdom of God.

No matter how much the body might be broken down into various parts, they are always whole and complete in themselves.  You might think that as a work of creation then, His spirit can grow, is never in danger of waning or becoming less that what it was at the beginning.

Thus, the nature of a Holographic God.  Though a holograph may be consisted of glass and shatter, each individual part is whole and complete within itself.  The full image remains inscribed on each shard in totality.

In this sense what we examine is a sense of replication, an expansion of the original but nothing that would suggest it was divisible.

What remains are in fact, entire, complete images that have done nothing really but multiplied and increased in that identical image.

We might liken this to Jesus’ church.  Each member is then a complete entity of itself with Christ sitting at the head at God’s Throne.  We who are God’s children are those holographic puzzle pieces that are separate in one way but fashion together to complete a full image in itself.

We are told bees sees the world very much in the say way.  Whereas they see total pictures in each of the hundreds of eyes it houses, the bee nonetheless views the world as one large precept or entity, one mass.

It is wonderful and comforting to know that God’s spirit showers us with completeness.  We know this through God’s Comforter, the Holy Spirit, a spirit that is omnipresent, complete and full in itself.  As Christians we share in this divine right of indivisibility.  In that way, as believers we look forward to eternity and as a body that will never be broken down.  We will always be a glorious part of our creator, Our God through His Son, Jesus the Christ.



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