You Shall Know Them By Their Fruit

Mathew 7:16 and then again in Luke 6:43 tells us that the world will recognize Christians by their fruit.

Jesus warns us of false prophets and those would devour us with their words and misdeeds.  Truly, it seems that God knows and judges us through our words and through our heart, 1 Samuel 16:7 and in Psalms and Proverbs and elsewhere.

Words to Man can be deceptive and not only plentiful, but cheap.

How often does the world view a Christian except by the fact perhaps their hand is in their back pocket?  How often do we hear how much a Christian loves you only to see no separation between a Christian and anyone else in the world?

In viewing a Christian and a person of the world there should be a large differentiation. Jesus tells us to judge according to the fruit for by the fruit, “You shall know them.”

And what is this fruit?  By all means, the first example should be exemplified by love. This love should be transparent, real and pervasive. Sure we love to shout out the word, Agape love, but love by any other name is still love.  No fancy words need to imbue what is real or what is not.

Paul gives perhaps one of the finest definitions of love (charity) in 1st Corinthians 13:13


Here we see the expressions of an activity, not simply counting heartbeats or mere feelings.

We see illustrated the fruits of: Patience, Hope, long-suffering, forgiveness, gentleness, one not seeing its own way and much more. In other words, the fruit is a good fruit.

The fruit for the most part is SELFLESS. It is directed toward people and fails to discriminate to anyone.

The example of love is none other than the very life of Christ Himself for his entire life was one that possessed a concern for others.

The truth be known about us of course is a mixed bag.  We are only human subject to grave error.

However, our task as Christians is to push for that mark of the high calling of our Christ.  As impossible as it may be, our fruit is to be a good fruit and one that is proud to be a witness to the world.

Moreover, aside from our evidence of our Spirit as a fruit.  We are to make every attempt to be as Christ-like as possible.  In that we fail, we look to our Lord then to judge our heart.  Words alone will not suffice empty promises to be who we are.  To that effect, we are who we are either as a good fruit or as one that is rotten and spoiled.  Keep the good fight of our Lord Jesus and press


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