The Truth’s in Your Heart (And You Still Don’t Believe)

God has spoken to you again and again and then we turn and demand that God speak to us when we are in need.

All those times when God was there, saving you from the perils of this world, from the evil that they do.  So many times He was there and we had no reckoning, no knowledge of our Creator that loves us.

When you have that low down rotten feeling in your stomach and you know that you should change.  When pain, the lack of sleep overcomes you and you know that it is He who calls you to be who you should be.

The truth’s in your heart.

When you see evidence of our Father in Heaven in all that He does.  When you see children crying over the woes that come by them via adults.

Sin, and harm and disease and pestilence.  You blame all that on God when it came by the hand of man.

The truth’s in your heart and still you don’t believe.

What does it take to wake you up?  To know that your salvation came by the blood of an innocent man?  What does it take to know that the Jesus you have heard about died a criminal’s death?

That gentle man died for you so that you may live forever. Died innocent at the hands of men.

It could have been either you or me for we would have killed him the same as them.  The truth was also in their hearts and still, they didn’t believe.

And on our dying breath we proclaim, the faith in our fathers and in our Jesus:  though you turn away, the truth’s in your heart:

And still you don’t believe.


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