But What If You Don’t Like Anyone?

This is an interesting question to ponder. For sure, some people don’t like other people. They don’t love them, don’t want to be around them, detest them and rather stay by themselves.
Clearly, people like this are a non-people person should never work around other people, much less become a teacher or caregiver.
Personally, I find it difficult if not impossible to be happy unless somehow or by some way you like people.
More impossible would be in being a Christian. How can you conceivably love your neighbor as yourself if you don’t even like them? I mean like them at all?
So then, it is one thing to be a normal person of the world and not like people, but quite another to being a Christian and not like people. I would tend to think a Christian who doesn’t like or love people is really one very unhappy person.
Truly, I know of some individuals who have been so hurt in their past, they can never seem to muster up enough pathos to gravitate toward others in any meaningful relationship. Because of past abuse we become bitter, sour and contorted in our views about others.
At times, the problem festers so much so that we not only dislike others, but go further and hate them as well.
Naturally, this is not good. The secret, but hard part is to forgive out past and see each day as a new opportunity to learn and to grow. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it, but as a Christian, nonetheless, this becomes our duty.
If the heart is not there, the way to engage ourselves in this activity is to perform it at least grudgingly. We do this with the expectation that if we change our minds, then God, in His great wisdom will, over time, change our hearts.
The end result should be that first begin to like ourselves once again and learn that this new transformation assists us in becoming emphatic, caring people who in turn like and love others. This process requires us taking that big step in changing attitudes. In the end, it becomes a win-win situation. We learn to love as many as possible.


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