The Extension of Jesus

More often than not, rituals performed in church are more or less performed in a symbolic role. While great feeling and perhaps meaning are behind the rituals, it often fails to give evidence of its actual reality. And whereas these sacraments are brought to mind in particular as an act of remembrance, other duties of Christians are of at least an equal importance.
When Jesus spoke of faith: “Upon this Rock I will build my Church…” The first aspect is that we can address is that Jesus was speaking directly to Peter. Thus, we see two elements involved. The first is the characteristic of faith and the second is a person who is charged to keep the faith.
We could arrive at the conclusion that it was at this point that Jesus declared and christened His Church right there before His disciples.
We can see allusions to this all over the scriptures as noted in the New Testament. We are told that the Spirit of God dwells in us, that the kingdom of God is near: everywhere we see the exclamation that the spirit of God is alive, living, vibrant and real!
Most important here is that the liveliness is pronounced within the body of Christ: hence you and I.
Consequently, while our Lord now reigns on the right hand of God on a throne, his spirit remains, residing in us, the Christian.
And this is where most Christians fail. Most Christians are still gazing upward looking for their Savior, when Jesus promised he would send His Holy Spirit, the Comforter to assist us.
That is the same, the identical spirit that is supposed to be imbued within Christians, for those who are His believers.
So then, as people, we look to the Holy Scriptures for instruction, for wisdom and look to our Brothers In Christ for action. This action is a call into obedience.
“A new commandment I give unto you. That you should love your neighbor as I have loved you.”
Still, in another statement, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
The extension of Jesus is His Universal Church here on earth, now, active and alive. And Jesus is also the Head of his Church as we are adopted members of that same body, his extension of Himself. Truly, the kingdom of God is within you. It is within you because of Jesus: because of faith and because of acts of obedience to His Word as we perform for our love for Him. This also possesses a tremendous responsibility for Christians. It means if God, if Jesus is to be alive and an active force on this earth, it is principally because we are willing to act on His behalf. It is only in that manner that faith can be found on this earth.


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