A Face Only A Mother Can Love

Many are not born into the proverbial beach bunny crowd with glowing tans, comely looks, nor wealth, money or power. Where you may not have bruise marks on you where you were touched with a 20-foot pole, you might be homely enough where you possess a face only a mother can love.
Don’t feel left out for many are in this category as unpleasant to admit or not. A movie named Marty (1955) starring Ernest Borgnine glorified a couple that were almost downright ugly. The movie proved extremely popular demonstrating that many Americans identified with this stigma of ugliness.
The good news is that we are not in isolated company. Isaiah 53:3 states that Jesus was “no form nor comeliness”-“no beauty that we should desire him”-“despised and rejected of men”.
The old adage that beauty is skin deep and ugly is bone deep is dispelled with the knowledge and acceptance of our Lord Jesus for truly any believer knows Jesus is the most beautiful person to ever walk the earth!
Jesus possess a beautify that went far beyond his natural mother. His face was far beyond a mere man, beyond an earthly king, beyond anything ever imagined by limited mortals.
As adoptees of Christ’s kingdom we claim the identical lineage through blood as heirs to His throne. And like Christ or as Christ we also possess eternal beauty that transcends physical (earthy) attractiveness. We possess the personification of Jesus Himself through his Holy Spirit.
My counsel is that those of today have their short term reward, but those of us who await for the rewards of salvation, we have ours that is for eternity.
For all people, but comely or not, we are made ugly to our Father by sin. This true ugliness is a nasty scab-like formation that separates us from a Holy Father.
Turn to Jesus who died on a cross for us, who was dead and buried, who rose again on the third day and now resides in Heaven with our Father. Call upon his name to obtain the pure, true beauty of His sanctification. Free yourself from the shackles of this world and join the Son, Jesus who calls out for you. Amen


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