God Does and Will Change His Mind

In Malachi 3:6King James Version (KJV)
6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.
The words above and elsewhere in the Holy Bible are indicate of God’s Character than never changes. It is not reflective of being persuaded by people or events.
Even in Genesis 6:6 we can see early in the history of man where God expresses not only disappointment in his creation but that he was sorry he had even created man. This is a far change from where it was indicated in creation of “that it was good…”
The above link is for research that shows God changing His mind 19 times. The list is not exhaustive, but should provide enough biblical evidence where God changed what he thought.
Okay, now that we have established that God can change His mind we also ask: what is that to us?
We can begin with prayer. We can know and be assured when we approach our Father that he has not already closed the book on us, that we can tilt the equation if you will to our favor. This does not mean we can pray and wear God down to the point that he will give in, but insomuch that he possesses great love for us, he wants us to come to him with our problems. This means that our problems are not fixed in stone and that God indeed, has the last word.
Jesus teaches us that our Father is concerned for all our needs and that he wants that relationship with us the same as earthly father and child relationships.
Thank about it: who in their right mind would go to their earthly fathers and ask for something if we thought his mind was already affixed? Of course, we would do it that way.
Naturally, there are times when we have gone to our parents and we did it completely out of ritual for we knew beforehand the answer based on the absurdity of our requests. I would liken this to a boy who say bicycles to school and prays for it to be downhill both ways. Of course, praying for something like this is pure nonsense.
However, for clear meaningful needs, we should approach our Father daily through His Son and ask, crediting our creator as we should for suppling our needs. Yet, here it is not so much about what we ask, but the mere fact we can request something from the maker of this entire Universe and we are granted not only an audience with such a power being, but He is also subject to change His mind in our behalf. What a wonderful God. What a concept. What a reality!


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