The World of Intelligentsia

Nobody can effectively argue that worshipping, believing in God based on fact is wrong. We are told to worship our God in truth and in spirit, and facts are there to convince us as to its worthiness and authenticity—its realness!
Yet, Jesus often spoke of matters of the heart. We learn in: Mark 7:21 For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come–sexual immorality, theft, murder.
Yes, of course these elements also dwelled in our minds, but our minds are not cold and objective. Our thoughts are shaped by our flesh: our desires—the matters of our heart.
Much also can be said for believing with our minds. Yet, believing with our minds is not enough. We are to believe with the entire core of our total being—once again going primarily with our hearts.
So then, we can have the greatest thoughts on earth about Christianity. We can be scriptural scholars and possess all the information, data possible and still be lacking. For true enough we are what we think, we are what we think in respect to what we do as a result of our thoughts.
To simplify this it means we are to engage our total being into what we actually say we believe.
All of this then is manifested in our actions and are judged on the content of their fruit.
The truth be known God does not expect us to be a rocket scientist. This is not a requirement to be a Christian. First and foremost we are to love our God with all our heart, all our mind, all our strength and all our soul and love our neighbor as our self.
Where thought is clearly involved, the greatest aspect is the tangible entity of LOVE. Intelligentsia here is measured not by worldly values, but by God’s values. So then we see here where intelligence is being smart enough to fall into line in obedience with God’s commandments and in actually doing the will of our Father.
And what is the will of our Father? To love as revealed and taught by His Son, Jesus, the Christ.
Following His example is the true test of intelligentsia. How smart are you? Time will tell by what you do.


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