STOP! (10 minutes Ago)

As parents we are often in the situation with our kids where they are misbehaving. Attempting to maintain patience, we might refrain from correcting them for we want to and hope they will self-correct on their own.
However, once it is determined our kids are not going to self-correct and after about 10-minutes, we lose our composure and scream out a huge and high shrilling STOP!
The point is at this very moment we scream out to stop, we don’t really mean stop NOW, we mean STOP 10-MINUTES AGO!
I think at times God is that way with us. I believe when God sometimes chastens us, we are long overdue for correction and at that point, we weren’t to stop once he comes down with His heavy hand, he meant for us to stop a long time ago.
We can determine this as God is a caring God who is slow to anger and long on patience. And as we know that any parent who cares about their children, surely the parent will correct the child for the benefit of the child.
Of course, no one likes to be corrected. The truth is, we like and at times, insist on our own way regardless how bad the behavior may be for us and to others.
How would it come across, if before you crossing the street, I were to suddenly appear and slap you across your face? Yes, you would be angry, but if subsequent video demonstrated that the slap across your face saved your life from on-coming traffic, you would more than likely be grateful for me having done so.
In like manner, I believe God has saved our lives over and over again. In many of those experiences he probably didn’t slap us in the face to get our attention, but nonetheless HE was there assisting us, stopping us from harm.
Think of the love earthly parents possess for their children and how even much more so God has for us! And if it requires our Lord to yell out again and again and again for us to STOP, then maybe, just maybe we should provide the courtesy to do just that and listen to HIM.
On this day, STOP, get on your knees in Prayer-ask God to save you in the Name of Jesus who died for you on the Cross. Yes, God is calling after you and asking you to stop, stop and stop again, years and years ago.
It takes just minutes to return to your God, the creator that made you through His Son, Jesus, the Christ.


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