On The Streets Again

Popular perceptions of people walking on American roadways are that they are vagabonds, crack-heads, and prostitutes and maybe even drug dealers or alcoholics. At the very least, these people are considered miscreants, leeches and losers. The list could grow if we included ex-felons, the homeless and the crazies that wander freely and sometimes madly around our cluttered streets.
Arthur Blessit, the preacher of many years famed for carrying his cross across the entire world, stated that he was never welcomed to stay overnight at a church, but too, never turned away from a bar while seeking shelter.
For anyone who has ever stayed out on the streets such as I have, knows people on the streets are often the most compassionate, loving and unselfish people one could ever meet. Naturally, this is not true for all of them, but most of them fit into this category. One of the rules of the road is that everyone is accepted on the streets. There is no real social status. You are simply a person. No more and no less.
Moreover, on the streets there is no age, no sex, or color. No social boundaries exist. All are equal on the streets.
The barriers of ‘you’ ‘we’ or ‘us’ them’ do not exist among those who dwell in this dismal climate. Too, there is not much thoughts of yesteryear and perhaps also, not much thoughts for the future. There is only NOW.
In reading the accounts of the gospels, we can see not much as changed over the years. I think mostly in the old days, there was simply more poor people then than now. Especially in America. True enough, one might say we have some of the richest poor people in the world living in the United States.
However, there is all types of poverty.
There is all kinds of rejection and surely, the street life is a life of rejection for whatever reason.
Jesus offers a life and family of no rejection. All are welcomed with his kingdom and all are asked to enter freely.

Jesus, a homeless man died as both a criminal and as king of this universe, solely that all might live.
As a street dweller, Jesus knew, understood what it was like to be despised by this world, hated by men.
The good news is that Jesus embraces the rich and the poor. Jesus is willing to forgive all and accept all into His family with our Holy Father.
Truly many good people are in church and very much engaged within it. There are also many good people who are outside the organized church who are also saints with God’s kingdom.
For those who need a family, who need rescuing who need salvation, Jesus is the way. Accept God’s love on this day and enter into the day of salvation. Believe on the name of Jesus and be saved. Thank God, we know he loves us all and shows no respect for titles or status in this world. All who know is voice are considered His children. I would tend to think, many of them are on the streets again.


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