I See God

In day to day living, nothing can compare to the spirt man that lies in each of you. Whether it’s observing the smile, the laugh of a young baby, the harsh but wonderful wrinkles of a crippled geriatric, there is amazement, wonder and a sense of perfection in their glow.
There is birth and death and sobbing and joy. There bubbles life with disappointment, victory and job. Even in the sorrow, I see God written all over your faces.
Beyond the cross at Calvary. Beyond the ascension into heaven with His Holy Father, I see Christ inside your hearts and see the purity of spirit of not only of whom we are, but who we should actually be.
In all those defeats, in all those inadequacies of moment, of purpose, in those instances of self-absorption, their remains that remnant, that residue of God.
It is so easy to see in all creation, in architect, in the clouds, the trees and streams. We all recognize this, even the fish that swim in the oceans see it as a natural blessing.
In people it requires more insight, more observation, but God remains inside of them as a beaconing, fiery light.
At times, when God is pushed into the background, we witness mayhem, strife and sin. We witness jealousy, robbery, murder and much, much worse. God remains begging to be revealed.
Over and over again in the Old Testament, we find where man describes God. In that realm, we discover a God that zaps people, one who imposes rules and one who is constantly upset with us.
In the New Testament, as illuminated by Jesus we awaken a different God. This is a God of forgiveness, kindness, forgiveness and one that comforts and assist.
Whenever we also assume that role of Goodness, we also radiate the identical persona. And during those times when you are generous, when you are kind, we you are gentle. I see the identical God in you.


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