The Devil Made Me do It

The site of social-psychology attributes most abnormal behavior to various psycho diseases based, not on individual responsibility but on an inherent disease.
Jesus said that most sin was a consequent of the darkness of the heart: the origin of desire and wishes. There was no explaining away the nature of sin: it belongs to us.
Whereas I won’t argue with the unseen world of dynamics, I will argue with the active dynamics that go on with the mind of the individual as a result of desire.
This darkness, this hidden agenda is the cause of those who kill little babies, their families, suicide and genocide.
In these situations, I fail to see the responsibility of the devil but place full blame on the individual.
For this part, the unseen world is in fact the activity of the subconscious mind.
In the heart we covet, we envy and behold jealously and bitterness and hate. It is here were we begin to forge our passions.
We see money, wealth, power and at times, permit nothing to stop us. There is nothing here where the Devil Made anyone do anything except yourself.
My contention then is that people should owe up for what they do, claim responsibility for what they do and then decide to change it without excuses.
The only excuse we truly have is a devil that dwells inside us. The fact is: you make you do things either good or bad.


In Weakness

Society loves to tout the bold and the very strong. They are strong in sports, strong in finance, strong in the military, strong-above all others to stand out. However, Jesus didn’t reach out to the strong. He reached out to the weak.
Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit…” Jesus reached out to the destitute, the sick, the poor, the outcasts. No, these were not the celebrities, they were those who were rejected by the rich, the powerful, the strong.
As most Americans we pride ourselves on our strength. We like to never show that we are timid, that we are inadequate, that we simply don’t have what it takes. Any person realizes, of course, that more often than not, we simply fail when it comes to rising up to our own expectations and others.
In fear we pray and in fear we attempt to approach God, for in searching for answers when there are no answers we already know we are too busy telling God, rather than surrendering to God.
There really is only one way to approach God, and that is at least on our spiritual knees. We approach God as sinners, knowing that we are helpless without him.
The lack of answers is so very bountiful whenever we become sick or injured, or when one of our loved ones is down. Whenever a sudden loss occurs among those of whom we love, we no longer feel so powerful, so strong. Suddenly, we are weak.
We are weak for all that we know, we realize we really don’t know. We realize that answers, solutions are far beyond our reach.
2 Corinthians 12:9 “… My grace is sufficient unto you in weakness…” Notice, only when we approach God in this way do we demonstrated proper respect to our relationship with our creator.
Ultimately, only when we do this through God’s son, Jesus are we then recognized, for it is through Jesus we are declared the children of God.

Worldly wise, a person must approach others in strength. This simply is not true in seeking the revelation of God.
It is in this weakness we are able to see and to grapple with the idea that we are simply nothing compared to the audience of the Almighty. In this posture, God then delights in serving us for we have then declared the prayer of Hallowed be Thy Name. This humbleness is the status of weakness God desires to serve us for he wants us to know that it is not by our will, but His.

Telescopic Lens

Image attempting to follow a football game while telescoping into the face of the quarterback and nothing else. An incomplete picture appears as we would have no idea as to how the game would be played.
Even backing up and focusing on the single player would not assist us much in understanding the game.
Only by panning outward and viewing the entire game via both teams can we gain insight as to what is going on.
God is the same. He is identical.
We see life usually only through our one lens. In this way, we fail to comprehend the entire picture. God, on the other hand, views life as it exist throughout the entire universe. There is no way we comp rend knowledge the way God does for his knowledge is not like ours: His is greater than ours and different than ours.
Consequently, when we stop and question God. When we think we are smarter and demand answers, we should realize God sees the entire picture when we only zoom into those aspects that are self-serving.
God is far greater than man. And though we think we know so much, He knows our needs and is there to assist us and He has studied the master plan.
We, here on earth possess telescopic lens: we are so limited and should look to God for our answers and to Guide us in day to day living. Man’s view is restricted where God knows the secrets of the world.