Telescopic Lens

Image attempting to follow a football game while telescoping into the face of the quarterback and nothing else. An incomplete picture appears as we would have no idea as to how the game would be played.
Even backing up and focusing on the single player would not assist us much in understanding the game.
Only by panning outward and viewing the entire game via both teams can we gain insight as to what is going on.
God is the same. He is identical.
We see life usually only through our one lens. In this way, we fail to comprehend the entire picture. God, on the other hand, views life as it exist throughout the entire universe. There is no way we comp rend knowledge the way God does for his knowledge is not like ours: His is greater than ours and different than ours.
Consequently, when we stop and question God. When we think we are smarter and demand answers, we should realize God sees the entire picture when we only zoom into those aspects that are self-serving.
God is far greater than man. And though we think we know so much, He knows our needs and is there to assist us and He has studied the master plan.
We, here on earth possess telescopic lens: we are so limited and should look to God for our answers and to Guide us in day to day living. Man’s view is restricted where God knows the secrets of the world.


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