The Devil Made Me do It

The site of social-psychology attributes most abnormal behavior to various psycho diseases based, not on individual responsibility but on an inherent disease.
Jesus said that most sin was a consequent of the darkness of the heart: the origin of desire and wishes. There was no explaining away the nature of sin: it belongs to us.
Whereas I won’t argue with the unseen world of dynamics, I will argue with the active dynamics that go on with the mind of the individual as a result of desire.
This darkness, this hidden agenda is the cause of those who kill little babies, their families, suicide and genocide.
In these situations, I fail to see the responsibility of the devil but place full blame on the individual.
For this part, the unseen world is in fact the activity of the subconscious mind.
In the heart we covet, we envy and behold jealously and bitterness and hate. It is here were we begin to forge our passions.
We see money, wealth, power and at times, permit nothing to stop us. There is nothing here where the Devil Made anyone do anything except yourself.
My contention then is that people should owe up for what they do, claim responsibility for what they do and then decide to change it without excuses.
The only excuse we truly have is a devil that dwells inside us. The fact is: you make you do things either good or bad.


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