Where To Find The Church

Some biblical scholars have calculated that Jesus walked over 3,000 miles during his 3-year ministry. Immediately, one can get the idea that our Lord didn’t sit around the house, in the comforts of some corporate office administering to others about what they should do. The opposite is true.
And while it is also true enough that many sought after Jesus, the major aspect is that Jesus went around where people were: where they worked, ate, lived and played. In other words, we see where Jesus’s ministry was an active ministry and one where he went to them.
More often than not, preachers refer to the Old Testament, citing examples whereas God is buy making promises and zapping those who are either against Him or who disobey.
I think preachers preach on the Old Testament as there, events were specific, concrete and highly visible.
The shame in this type of preaching is that more often than not, preachers fail to preach on what Jesus had to say. If they stumble into the New Testament, it is straight into either Act or the Book of Revelation. Once again, we highly visible works enjoyed by the Apostles and early Church.
I suggest Jesus isn’t quoted often is because of his commandments are of the impossibility.
Unlike the Old Testament, with Jesus, we don’t ‘fight’ our enemies, we are to love and to pray for them. This is the exact opposite approach of the old way of doing things. With Jesus we were to resist evil, to do well and love our neighbor as servants. Who in the world wants to do that? Not, many obviously.
However, I also suggest it is not people who should go to church—No, it is the church that should be going to the people.
Today, the visibility of Christ and His work is through the people of his Church. And although this is against the nature of ‘man’ we are to go out and love others. This is in fact, our testimony. God is alive and God is expressed through Jesus visavie His Church. This means the spirit of Christ is to be spread through us as individuals, one-to-one and by this engagement the world comes to know God. It is that simple. We are to go to them, not the other way around. Amen


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