What is and what is Not?

Don’t you love the preachers who get on tv and tell you that all you have to do is believe some small passage of the bible, which is generally in the Old Testatment and then all will be well?
Anyone with real life experiences knows this is pure and total bunk. Yes, sometimes miracles do happen, but generally not. Generally, as a Christian, we are screwed just like everyone else.
So then, what is real, what is not?
What is real that our savior, our Jesus promises to be there with you in those difficult times. What is real is when a brother or sister in Christ is there with you to promise comfort. Those things are real and all hope and all promise for the future to get better is also real.
What is not real is some hocus pocus that will change things. What is not real is praying often enough some particular passage from the scriptures that will make all things alright.
However, the one thing we can depend on is that no matter how bad our circumstance or situation, that our Christ will make things as right as possible in His eyes at the right time.
Face it, some things just suck. A divorce sucks, cancer sucks, death can suck and a host of many, many other things.
The truth of it is: we know so little about faith to change most things. All we can do is cling on to our faith and trust God through our Lord, Jesus.
Don’t let the promise makers fool you. They don’t know God any better than you do. We are all equal before the Lord. I’m saying that whatever you do, you are good enough and that Jesus is always up to the task. Yet, in his keeping, we often don’t like or agree with the results. God is sovereign and will rule his kingdom His way and not according to ours. May faith remain with you.


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