The Impostors of Success or Failure

Perhaps one of the most talked about characteristic of American life is the idea of Success and Failure. I, for one would like to examine some current trends and likely measurements.
Let’s examine the qualities of the: smart phone, hip-hop music, the video industry or various video games. Clearly, by ways of the world, they are all huge successes.
In terms of quality or upright virtues, the phone has NOT provided better communication. The movie industry as not added anything good to our society: anything but moral corruption and computer video games has only contributed to a blood and guts culture that permits people to become desensitized to murder, mayhem and gore.
Possessing an automobile or airplane or weapon of war that kills you is NOT a success! Performing a greater number of abortions like a factor machine is not success, it is failure.
For God say, “My ways are not your ways…”
Nothing could be closer to the truth.
For how do you know that that new job with greater pay is really good for you? Or then again, how do you assess that award for knowledge is really the best assessment of your intrinsic worth?
James teaches us that we aren’t even to say that we are to go to such and such a place on a particular day, for we are to listen to God’s instruction in all that we do.
The notion of either success or failure are impostors. We permit society to define who we are, what we are to do and how good we are at it. This is total nonsense.
All that you are in your total being: is what God has said that you are. No, you are not a teacher, or a policeman, or an attorney or any other label man has provided for you. More than that, you are a Creature of God: you are a person and a person has far great worth than the identity of either your occupation or position of attainment.
We are not to trust the world to tell us if we are victorious in a circumstance. No, instead we are to
Proverbs 3:5-6 King James Version (KJV)
5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
In this way, we might feel we are the smallest of the small, but actually be the greatest. Anything else that defines you is a FRAUD.


3 thoughts on “The Impostors of Success or Failure

  1. Don’t know how I missed this one… But I found it after all.

    I get the idea you really ache over this stuff! A lot of pain there.

    Well, I feel it too.

    Maybe that’s why your posts resonate with me so much.

    For what its worth, I read here with a listening heart. I hear ya. I feel ya. I care. And I thank you for your encouragement at my blog. There is a LOT of really DEEP pain in this world that just SHOULD NOT BE! And at one or two levels, it is not really that complicated to change it! And you WOULD THINK that God’s people at least would have a better grasp on it!!!

    Preach it!

    (btw are you a bro or sis?)

    Just wondering… It occurs to me that from what I have read, that is not settled. But I usually say Preach it Brutha! or sometimes Sista! (when appropriate, but I cant tell here which way it should be…)

    Anyway, Preach it!!!



  2. I am a man, age 67 and a retired school teacher. My Masters is in psychology and when working on my Phd which I didn’t get due to illness, was in curriculum and instruction. Otherwise, I am only a confirmed Christian who loves the Lord.

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