Of Dogs, Cats and Pets and Men

Across the newsrooms and internet we hear stories of pets that were saved from a fire or other calamity. While I love pets, it seems that at times, pets have a precedence over people and that the animals are more likely treasured than people.
A case in point is the manatee rescued recently and highlighted in the news. Yes, I love manatees the same as anyone, yet I know if this had been a person rather than a manatee in a storm drain, then that person would more than likely had died.
To cut to the quick with this essay, I believe that while animals are cool and creatures of God, that People are far more important. The manatee rescue required the assistance of over 10 highly trained first responders. A person would likely had gotten nothing, only people stepping over him.
No, pets are NOT more important than people. In fact, some people have relationships with their pets and none with people. Some people even refer to their pets and ‘children’ or other members of the family.
Something is wrong with this equation. Something is wrong where if a person kills a cat, then they’ll get a long stiff prison sentence and probably forgiven if it’s a person.
Is this how we want the reaction of God to be with us? Do we want God to respond to the prayer of a pet over a person? I find this highly unlikely. And believe too, we should respond first to people and then to animals.


8 thoughts on “Of Dogs, Cats and Pets and Men

  1. If the research lab at Texas Tech were exposed on CNN or Fox News as killing a manatee as part of cancer research, it would be deeply upsetting. Even I would only be comforted if the researchers could explain in credible terms that the killing was necessary to the research and that the research stood to offer great gains. However, if the manatee were made to suffer a painful death as part of the otherwise worthwhile research, I figure it would set off a storm of criticism across the land, Tech would be the scorn of the American public, and IF possible, some prosecutor would likely make a play for re-election by trying some professor or someone. I would be surprised if it didn’t shake out about like that.

    On the other hand, If a woman gets pregnant on a date with a man who lets his guard down and submits to temptation one night, and then if that woman decides this pregnancy is just inconvenient and might inhibit her career plans, then that woman is free to kill the unborn human baby, even if the father objects, simply because she has rights to decide what should happen with her own body (which I find extremely important) and neither the law nor CNN or Fox News will raise an eyebrow at the fact that the unborn child has a body with NO RIGHTS to decide what they would want.

    HOWEVER… to change the subject, but only slightly really, yet profoundly too… I saw a story recently where a toddler died in a house fire, burned to death and the parents could not save him, BUT the family dog curled up next to the boy and burned with him, preferring to love the child to the point of utterly suffering death than to leave his side!

    I think that is the insight into what God thinks about these things.

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  2. While there are no references in the scriptures where Jesus ever healed an animal, I could see where he might: say, such as in the instance of someone’s cow or sheep: something like that which involved livelihood. Just because it’s not recorded doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. However, we do see the effort whereas Jesus made great attempts to heal the suffering of people. About the only reference to dogs involved giving them scraps of food (an analogy) that one smart lady brought up. “Humane’ treatment for animals in the old testament, yes. That is: if you want to discount the idea that many would be sacrificed.


  3. Most of us aren’t too upset about eating steak done well either. (Yes, there are exceptions.) And there is no scripture teaching against it. Humane treatment of animals appears to be assumed, I think. And the Bible itself presents a theological case that eating and killing of animals, though acceptable (even proscribed by God in some cases) in our “fallen” world, killing of any kind is not the ideal and did not occur in the pristine creation of Gen. 1 and 2, nor will it exist in the Age to Come.

    This is what I believe, anyway. Not prepared to defend it with hard evidence right off the cuff, but I am sure I can scramble good evidence given a bit of time.

    I like to pose two theological conundrums to polite company when allowed. Like a parlor game of sorts. One has nothing to do with this subject, the other is all about it. (The irrelevant one, in case you are interested is: Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?) The one that applies here now is: Will there be BBQ in The Age to Come?

    Be careful how you answer! Something special is lost with either choice… And will make you think…

    Of course, the BBQ one is mostly humorous really.

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  4. I doubt if they did have belly buttons as they were not ‘conceived’ as such. Heck, I’d like to know how old they were when they were born and too, if they could talk or was it mental telepathy of some kind. How old was Eve when she was born in reference to the age of Adam? Certainly, they didn’t eat Adam’s Rib. LOL However, I’m not sure all of the story is so darn literal. I think mostly the evidence there is to suggest more or less the mystery of God’s hand in the creation process. In fact, the only element I am certain about is that is was the masterful hand of God’s creation. Finally, I can’t even comprehend how someone could ever deny creation by design. For any idiot to think this was all either trail and error or by random accident: the entire notion is insane to me. This is not even to mention the creation of billions and billions of stars and the rest of the heavens. To me, the evidence of God is and never was an issue. Christ is the one who personified God in the form of a human that made the throne of God approachable. The only task remaining now is for men to approach fellow men in the character of the God we know through Jesus.


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