Bringing in the Sheaves

Can anyone imagine Jesus holding a wad of cash in each hand and while standing on a hillside, screaming, “Come on up! You’re our grand prize winner today!”
Of course not.
Where there are some scriptures that address rewarding desires, most are flatly placed on attending to needs.
Or Jesus after the Sermon on the Mount explaining: “For those of you who send 10 talents will receive the top 3 parchments on controlling sin…”
This is all ludicrous, yet anyone who listens to some sermons will more or less envision a Jesus as the above if you were to listen to popular appeals to prosperity teaching and other modalities of the Gospel.
Years ago, my Dad stated that he believed the reason God didn’t make his presence known more often than he did was because most of us would be standing around with palms up asking him for a twenty to get by on. I find Dad’s observation more often than not to be true.
Yet, while the entire universe’s wealth belongs to God, our creator is NOT a banker. He is far greater than that, he is our friend and helper.
Bringing in the Sheaves are those multiple rewards attained as a result of remaining faithful. Too, I believe most of those rewards are purely spiritual and not physical at all, laying away treasures in heaven instead of here on earth.
Most important, Jesus is not a guy prancing around in a flashy suit—no it is not so much as for us to get as it is for us to GIVE.
With some preachers standing around with their hand in your back pocket reaching for every piece of friend chicken in sight, it is no wonder that the outside world most Christians as hypocrites.
If there truly is and I believe there is of Bringing in the Sheaves, then we should be bringing them not for ourselves, but for others.


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