Daily dose of Suicide

Many Americans participate in a daily dose of Suicide whereas, from day to day, nothing changes, where lifestyles are self-destructive and where people lack hope. Quick to the point, many of us punish ourselves for many reasons: reasons such as: family, ambition, business, money or other passions. Clearly, as a Christian we should have but one moral duty and that is to God.
If one should remember Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” then you might remember the lament where one character states “This job is killing me.”
Many of us are in that predicament.
My eldest son, an avid extreme hiker, treks with his wife: at times over 200 miles for one journey. He can afford it alright, but what it comes down to is a very expensive trip as a homeless person. One such trip with his wife was in excess of 1,200 miles (about 26 miles a day).
Near my trashy apartment complex is a good friend of mine who lives out in the woods near the city’s electrical lines. A great guy: he is always upbeat and quick to wish one well. I admire his personality and sense of freedom.
And so it doesn’t seem I’m dancing around here on the issues, I’ll state my main point and that is: that poverty is mostly a state of mind. For those busy punishing themselves it’s an endless journey of self-torture. The torture is only to remind oneself of reality. The punishment is for past sins and for regret.
Consequently, man produces his plan for the daily diet of suicide. Naturally, all of this should be avoided. Christ has already paid the ultimate ‘suicide’ and hung on the cross for our sins.
There is nothing esoteric about being real. We do not have to ‘kill’ ourselves daily in the worldly sense. There is no need for verbal platitudes of either greatness or smallness. All it takes if for to recognize one like me and greet me on a personal basis. That is all it takes. It was the same as Christ.
“Words are cheap. Rise. Take up your bed and walk,” said the Lord. And all that we need to say is to each other among all me, “I love you.”


4 thoughts on “Daily dose of Suicide

  1. I often talk like I am in homeless ministry. I even use that turn of phrase frequently. And it is no lie, but it is not the most accurately true statement either, really. Because down at the root of things, I am actually serving the church by “letting my little light shine” (or aiming my light on) God amid the homeless. The church has the homeless locked outside. But that is God (at least Jesus, who is God – see Matt. 25:40 and argue it with him if you don’t agree, because I got it from him there). And he is at the door knocking now (Rev. 3:20). And whether it looks, sounds, smells, or feels like him, we must take that on faith (Heb. 13:2).

    If we believe this word-of-God stuff, then let us act accordingly! This is the prophetic message from God for his church! There is tremendous Kingdom-of-God-coming-on-earth-like-it-is-in-heaven blessing to be had if only we have FAITH!

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  2. I think you are much like Jesus who was simply in the ministry task of ministering to all people. I love the fact that he was good to the rich or poor. He didn’t seem to care if their heart was in the right place. The poor have been locked out of society since the beginning, so I believe your focus there is a good one and a noble cause. Remember that God is the richest entity in the world, so poverty is not a virtue in itself. I believe it is our desires and the curbing of our desires that are the virtue. In other words, desiring to serve over riches: serving over self, serving over our own wants and at times, needs. Stating this ever more simply: since we love our Lord, the Christ, we do what we think is pleasing to Him. His signature on our service is what stamps it as being GOOD. Tommy F. Thompson on Facebook


  3. I have been attending a new church the last few months. I moved to a new house, year before last, and we had a church split at the church I attended for many years. So we tried this new one close to home. It is a church I have attended before, many years ago. I always admired this church for some things and criticized it for others. That is almost always true anyway, but the thing that I hated was how the moved to the WHITE and NEW side of town. And now I have too!

    There are a lot of wealthy people at this church. It is trendy, shiny, attractive for all those kinds of things. And that turns my stomach. But they have a couple of fascinating Bible teachers, which I actually LEARN from when I hear them speak. And the Preacher Man preaches frequently on matters of loving and serving the poor – hey, it’s BIBLICAL. So… it looks like this is where we will put down our roots. And this is the backdrop to the thing I want to tell you now…

    Last night my family hosted a couple who leads a Bible study at our home. I had heard the wife make a comment in one of the Bible classes about how much more comfortable she is worshiping with and serving the poor than in being with her own church in their many other settings/functions. When they brought there study/lesson to my house last night, this notion came up again, and it brought the woman to tears as she spoke of a friend she knows from the streets who deals with addiction.

    We had a very lively discussion then! Drew out Jesus’s words in Luke 14 and chewed on them. Prayed for our friends in tears. Began dreaming of how we might serve them better.

    It was just a beginning, but it was a beginning! And it is happening with a church on the White-Flight side of town. A church which surely can make an impact if they want to, and at least some there really seem to want to. Perhaps God knew this irony long before I showed up??? His mysterious ways, not mine.

    It reminded me of the last time I was homeless. A family from church took me in to their guest room for several months following my divorce, which coincided with the death of my mom and the loss of my job! Yeah, life had really kicked me in the teeth that year. And they took me in to their huge house with the pool table, the maxi bar, the hot tub, the giant salt water fish tank… They let me drive the Mercedes one time! This was a doctors house, and as I lived there with them, they were also taking in small medically fragile children and ministering to them too. And one day we had a discussion about serving the poor, and I listened as this man described how he was wrestling with God and his wealth. How he was discovering that his friends at the country club just did not understand his joy at serving the poor, and then how he was no longer undserstanding how they were really “friends”.

    No. God Loves us All. Rich and Poor. But the rich have power that God would have them use in loving the poor. And the poor need to be ready to respond to this love with love too (something I rarely exhort, but is nonetheless important!).

    Anyway, God has put me in some strange places. The couple last night does not know I am Agent X or any of this blog. I have not shared much of my work on the streets with them either. But they know they have a friend of the poor on their hands. And they are curious! We will see what God does with this…..



  4. My last wife was Filipino. I have two mixed (black) kids and a son whose wife is Mexican. Consequently, I have some background in diversity. Let me say that there is no such thing as a black community or a white community. There are only people.
    I am not all that comfortable with rich people. Yes, I love them, but most are condescending, such in coming to the crummy apartment housing I live in.

    People as such enter and immediate assume we have a ‘problem.’ And they, the good people are here to ‘fix’ the problem.
    No, we are NOT problems and don’t need ‘fixing.” We are people and should be approached as such.

    ‘they’ are not the good guys to ‘save’ us and we are not the bad guys. We are all children of God.
    I am two courses away from a phd, and no, they are not the educated and we, the ignorant. Again, we are only children of God.
    The only thing that really separates us is the resources to do God’s work. Yet, we have the same spirit to breathe life into others.

    Personally, I am glad you live in a new house. This is good. Too, you are sharing it with God’s children. Heck, the Lord has much better places for us when we die and I’m not going to fault him for that.

    Go easy on yourself, my friend. You are much more a preacher than what you think.

    And while perhaps you and I are nobody to this world we are everything within God’s Kingdom, insomuch we have been called ‘sons of God.’ IN this sense, it is only important to know that God loves you. Keep it up. You will bring much joy to others and yes, you will have your reward for our Lord will remember you.


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