Crazy Eddie (repost from 2010)

By T. F. Thompson (T. F. Thompson’s Blog) February 4, 2010 – 7:51pm


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At any given time of the day, Crazy Eddie might be seen traipsing up and down University Blvd., 24 Oz. cup in hand, toting a backpack, zigzagging into figure-eights, somehow always ducking traffic and pressing into a forward momentum. To my knowledge, Eddie has been parading in this fashion for at least the past seven years. Apparently, Eddie sleeps underneath a trailer located at the junction of University and Phillips Highway. How does Eddie survive the extreme heat and cold? I don’t know? And no matter the weather or circumstances, Eddie continues to lunge forward, marching onward to whatever or wherever calls the likes of destiny. As might be predicted, whenever Eddie’s presence is sensed upon the scene, the crowd begins to clear out. Most are afraid, and stand clear, beckoning Eddie to pass by as if invisible.
Eddie, if personably approached, is actually genteel in nature. He’s an easy going guy and speaks in low whispers, a likeable fellow. However, in basic public, he appears fearsome, grotesque. While not as physically robust as several years ago, he’s still a towering man, and without apparent direction, is loathed as a Don Quixote attacking windmills with a steel lance. Only Eddie possesses no such lance and is shunned all the same. Naturally, Eddie is a crazy, insane guy and all should simply back away.
In all of this, there is something wonderful about Crazy Eddie and the American public. The mere fact that he has roamed the streets for at least seven years is a testament to the tolerance of our citizens. Eddie is free and Eddie is about and Eddie is alive. Thank God, there are Eddies in this world and that we have a public that can feel safe enough to let them roam. More than that: Eddie is not a leech to society; he does not harm anyone, ask for anything, does not impose himself on anyone and poses no threat to anything. Eddie, while different, is part of America’s Dream. He is unfettered and determined and autonomous and as important, a symbol of all of us. Breaking it down: Crazy Eddie is not near as crazy as I am. He is not the imposter or hypocrite or phony or in any of all those roles I have found myself in. Eddie is much, much more than that for Eddie is genuine and real. Insomuch that all those who have called Eddie Crazy, he is more sane that I am. And to that effect, Crazy Eddie is not crazy. Crazy Eddie is only Eddie. I contend that it is I who is crazy!

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