Who He is

We are sinners, or so the argument goes and while no one will really question that, it’s not really about who we are but who our master, The Christ is.  The reasoning is that we are saved because who He is, not because of who we are.

This would really explain why God is not a respecter of persons.  Obviously, He possessed respect for one man and that Man was his Son, Jesus.

In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, Frank Morgan, playing the wonderful wizard of Oz told them:  “It is not so much important how much you love, but how many people love you.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. Our job is NOT to be loved but to love.

There is only one person that is important by which to be loved, and that is God!  In fact, we could make an effective argument and say that the more we are loved (of this world) then the worse off we are, for then clearly we are doing it all wrong.

Another way of saying this is:  people of God are going to be hated.  Why?  How do we know this?  We know this because our Lord told us that we would.  We are called to be separated from this world and to be set aside.

This does NOT mean we are to be home counting heartbeats and feeling how much we love everyone, it means we are to be out and about and demonstrating our love through service.

Our service then is a complement to our spoken gospel which proclaims the kingdom of God through His son, Jesus.

This brings us up to where it is not because of who we are, but because of Jesus we are willing to do so for that service is a proclamation as to the goodness of God Himself.  Once again, it is about who He is.  Christ is important because it is the same spirit as His Father who is not only the creator of the universe but also, the emulation of what and all that is Good. If we are the reflectors of that emulation, then our works will be declared good.

This leaves room for all people on earth to be welcomed into the family of God.  More so, I think is in fact: the homeless, the poor, the destitute, the beaten, the broken down, the hopeless, the abandoned, the widows and children and old and infirmed and sick and those in prisoned and those robbed and those dejected.  In short there is room for you and me.


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