Cracking the egg in the Middle

I remember some legend where two countries fought over how to crack open an egg.  One country insisted you had to crack it on the large side of the egg near the end, and the other—that the egg must be cracked near the small portion of the shell near the end.  Finally, after years of war, the matter was settled by the suggestion of cracking the egg in the middle.

In examining Jesus and his mode:  we see Him preach for hours and THEN feed the masses.  This scene forces to my mind hunting with Bird Dogs.  Who in their right mind would first feed the dog and then expect the animal to hunt?  Not in your life.

Yet, I believe we are back facing the dilemma of What Came Frist the Chicken or the Egg?  Come on, now.  It doesn’t matter.

In downtown Jacksonville, a Homeless Shelter always forces the crowd to endure the sermon prior to feeding.  The idea, of course, is to induce people to listen.  Yet, our own belief as Christians insist that we don’t really convert the lost:  It is the conviction powers of the Holy Spirit.  Naturally, we are always trying to out think God and intervene for we want success by our own efforts.  However, this should not be the case.  Our job as Christians is simply to preach the Gospel and let God take care of the organization of His Kingdom.

Nonetheless, none of this is worth arguing over, much less a spiritual fight.  I suggest we simply obey God’s word and do what he asks us to do and that is to serve.  If we desire replication of Christ’s modality, then we should attempt the spittle routine and heal a blind man’s eyes. Most of us, however, aren’t confident enough to attempt that miracle nor the other act of walking on water.

In the meanwhile we have service to others and His Word by declaration and not necessarily in that order. Why waste time with silly riddles that are tantamount to the Chicken or the Egg question?  Simply crack the egg in the middle and give both the rooster and the hen credit for producing the egg.


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