The Corporate Beast

To our shock, several years ago, The United States Supreme Court stated that corporations could donate unlimited amount of money to politicians while ordinary citizens could not.  In a sense, this gave more power to corporations than to people.

Also, in legal terms, there are ‘people’ such as Mickey Mouse, Chucky Cheese, Pizza Hut, etc.  These entities possess legal rights much the same as people.  To that effect, it means that at least legally, there is such a ‘person’ as Mickey Mouse.

Our monetary world also sees corporations, all for the benefit of our free enterprise system.  However, our church world and other non-profit systems also enjoy the benefits of corporation and fall under the impersonal notation of what I call:  a beast.

I called them a beast for unlike individuals, corporations all entail the privilege of limited liability.

Without trying to pick on someone, legally, there would be the entity, a real organism such as “The First Baptist Church”.  Of course, this could be followed with a cast of thousands, but the point here is that this is all impersonal insomuch that no people exist within this legal structure, only inanimate objects.

Perhaps the greatest damage comes about within the corporate structure is that everything, all energies concentrate on preserving the corporation and corporate structure.

In reference to the church, the original purpose of the corporation would certainly be for the best interests of people and for the glory of God, but the very nature of the corporate beast is to grow, to self-preserve, and to protect itself. Soon, the original purpose of the corporate structure becomes secondary and maybe even eventually in the long run forgotten altogether.

We begin to see successes measured in terms of numbers, in terms of dollars raised and Lo and Behold, the proverbial Building Fund which never goes away. Yes, I think there is always a Building Fund no matter how many buildings for the church that exist.

Sometimes, eventually, the congregation dies out over the years and often we see the entire corporation come tumbling down. This also occurs at times when the founder and principal leader dies, especially when there was no thought of succession or when the concentration was only on the original founder.

Yet, all in the BEAST usually grows and grows much like a spreading cancer.  Too, increasing expensing mount and the pleas for assistance come pounding on our doors.  Never mind the fact that his CANCER eats away at the congregant and the fact it is administrators who such away most of the revenue, the pleas continue to blast away at our pockets.

Perhaps this is something that Jesus experience when he examined the prevailing church of His times:  the established order.  No, corporations as we know them failed to exist but the creature that was there was appalling enough.

And after 2,000 years, we have seen the BEAST grow bigger into a CORPORATE BEAST: one that is all consuming and one that has failed its people and its God.

My plea is for all Christians to step outside of the BEAST and back into the humanity, the family and kingdom of God as requested by Christ:  And all of this is on personal levels: one that goes beyond the established order and one that defies the elements of the world and far beyond the domain or realm of the CORPORATE BEAST.


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