“We just love Everybody”

In recent times, I’ve heard discussions for the LGBT movement where people make statements such as:  “A person should not be discriminated against for any reason.”

Now the statement is good enough, I supposed, but I was wondering:  Is this true for the Sexual Offender or the Sexual Predator?  Can we make the identical argument for ex-cons?

Do people who live in gated communities really love people of color who live outside gated communities?

Are folks in urban-suburban areas content to permit drug offender facilities within their communities, their neighborhoods?

Quite clearly, it seems we love everyone just as long as they don’t live near us!  No, we don’t want the homeless our in the communities, and surely we don’t want them scavenging around near any businesses.

What person in their right mind would want a convicted murderer living next door to them?  And since we shouldn’t discriminate, then it would be okay then if they were teachers or sport coaches for our kids?

In fact, when it comes down to it we see that those folks who just love everyone, really don’t love that many people at all.  We see that they love people as long as those people are like them and certainly don’t live next door to them.

Highlighting this Christian hypocrisy, I read one local church’s website and it states that any Sex Offender must register with them and can only use the bathroom under direct supervision.  Now how is that for full grace?  Come on now, and we have the nerve to say that all sins are forgiven to them.

It seems we expect Christ to forgive all sins, but not Christians.

It appears that some people are simply better than other people:  this is indicated by the way people are treated.  Simply look at the opposition one finds when a community discovers that a half-way house is going to be located in their neighborhood.  Of course, we need them, the community states, but they need them elsewhere:  not where they live.

Any American with a casual knowledge of real estate knows that deed restrictions are one method of keeping undesirables out.  Another way of restricting usage is by zoning through square footage that will determine the cost of the home.  All of these are at least cleaver mechanism to keep rift raft out and only desirables in.

All of this brings us back to the original statement about people who just love everybody. Not only is the statement a hideous joke, it is a statement that would provoke vomiting to any serious minded Christian.  In the meantime, we should concentrate on loving each other one by one and let everyone else fall in place once we have mastered the smaller task of ones.


For the Love of Jesus

For the large majority of us, no matter how bad our mother or father looked, it would not keep us from embracing them.  No matter how badly cancer had eaten: taking its toll on their bodies, we would still want to be physically close to them.

The same would be true for our mate or kids.  We would discount the dirt underneath their nails, the half-digested hot dog vomited on the bed: the nauseous excrement from loose bowels and the rancorous smell would not offend us. After all—they are kin, they are our family and we’d accept them.

No matter that your mother might be toothless, might be almost blind with cataract and stumbling around with a walker—even falling, splaying out like a baby  Again, they are our family and we love them.

Disheveled, mangy, covered with filth, we are steadfast and gravitate to those who reared us.

For the love of Jesus, we are to be the same for strangers.  We are to love, to embrace the homeless, the poor, the forgotten, the prisoners, those who are sick—those who are without.

For the love of Jesus, we are to love all the same.  We are to seek God’s children as our children and our brothers and sisters through God’s creation the same as our family.

Yet, for the Love of Jesus—we don’t love those dirty remnants—those castaways of society. And the final conclusion or result of this is that we have rejected the least of those all because we have that lack of the love of Jesus.

Profit$ of the Bible

Malachi 3:8

“Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.”
I can’t think of any other scripture of the bible that preachers like to quote in order to harvest more money than Malachi 3:8.  Never mind the fact this passage refers to the priests and not the people:  never mind that at any other time, preachers tell us we are NOT under the law anymore, nor the fact that generally it was only food and animals that were offered as tithes.

Another man brought up frequently is the priest: Melchizedek.  Here, Abraham gives 1/10th of his spoils of war.  Note, this is not his stuff he is giving, but stuff gained as a result of a war victory.  That’s easy enough.

One feature brought up often enough is so-called ‘Seed Faith” or seed money.  This is introduced by the prosperity preachers who promise 100 fold return on those poor suckers who send them their money.

One such preacher demanded no less that $1000 from those who were seeking God’s favor!  Can you imagine that?

Bums on the street generally only ask for either pocket change or a dollar, but not our preachers.

I am not saying or arguing that Churches don’t need money to operate.  Yes, money is required in order to perform the work of God.

However, what I am saying is that if you want to give money on behalf of God, then it should first go directly to His people:  to those who need it.

And here I’m not even speaking about a tithe.  I don’t believe as Christians we are subject to tithes, but more so to the offering of the Saints as spoken by Paul. In other words, you give according to what you have and according to your heart.

This does NOT include TITHES!  If one desires to make a promise or pledge, yes.  But this excludes tithes and should exclude the Profit$ who desire to become rich as a result.

Isaiah states about God:  “The world hateth me because of you.”  Gee.  I wonder why?

Personally, I’ll believe in the profit$ when I see them on the streets going without.  I’ll believe in them when I see them just as poor as those they are ministering to. I’ll believe in what they said when they divide up all they have and give it to the poor.

There are still many great men in the world who grant testimony to God through His church.  Most are unsung and truthfully, it should be that way.  Great people have no need for recognition except that granted by God.  And for the other greater portion of the Profit$.  We and all do without..

What is so very difficult about this?

Micah 6:8

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?
Alright, this is it in a nutshell.  This is ALL God really wants us to do?  How hard is it?

This does not require a degree in theology in order to understand.  All we are really supposed to do is treat others the way we want to be treated.  That is all.

In doing so, we are to walk humbly with our God.  That is it!

To do justly means to be honest; it means doing what is right and proper.  Feeding people is always proper.  Alleviating pain, suffering is right enough and visiting those who are hurt, maimed and outcast is easy enough.

Giving a little to help shouldn’t be all that hard.  Again, the idea is simply to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Yet, we fail to do this.  We fail these simple tasks and all the same moan about how much we love others and love God.  And I say that anyone who is to climb in the sainthood is to at least perform these simple tasks of Micah before ever boasting knowledge or participation in God’s family

No, it is not that difficult.  It’s just usually that we really don’t want to do it.  We don’t want to give up, to yield or to place others before our self.

I suppose in the end, it’s so much easier to hear sermons about all the other things we should do and that others have done and feel good about ourselves. And even a child knows, that this is not walking with God.  Ask Micah, compare notes and then you’ll see.


More on Personal Relationships

Listening to people like Benny Hinn, one would think that daily, Jesus goes into their dining room and has a cup of coffee with them and then dispenses personal information.  While I don’t want to pick on anyone, there are many others.  In fact, a mainstream topic for sermons today is on possessing a personal relationship with God.

Never mind the fact that even the Apostles failed to obtain this status, preachers are quick to endorse this attribute to Christianity.

And a new commandment I give unto you… love one another..;…

How is it possible all these Christians are so close to God, yet lack the ability to love as Jesus did?

How is it possible that Paul describes the church as that unit that provides for the earthly (body) of Jesus on the earth today?

Have I missed something? Oh, I’m not saying that Christians can’t obtain an inner peace and quiet prayer life…what I’m alluding to is direct evidence of God’s power.

And if all these Christians have God’s power due to their special relationship, then there should be no shortage of miracles or acts of God demonstrating God’s love for His people.

However, I attest that Peoples interaction with God is attestable directly from the family of God and that is exactly how Jesus set it up.

In other words, Jesus did what he was supposed to do on the Cross and through his victory over death handed us the power to his kingdom.  It is our job to speak and to provide service to others that speak or witness to God and his promises.

In plain terms:  this means that Christians should be doing things that the world doesn’t do.  It means that Christians are to be reaching out the same as Jesus did in love in order to be promoting the gospel.

This is not an intellectual pursuit, this is a physical activity.  No, it is not based on ignorance, but yes, it centers on faith and the faith is manifested by deeds.

I am not disputing that we are saved by grace.  Yes, we are saved by grace yet, if others are to be saved then we are to be obedient to His word.

Okay, this means we cannot be at home or at church counting heartbeats. It means the evidence of our faith is as Apostle Paul stated via the nine fruits of the spirit.  In the absence of these fruits there is no faith, no virtue and to most people, no Christ as his characteristics have not been revealed to them.

The personal relationship to God comes about as a result of Christians interacting with his children.  The personal relationship of God is nothing more than a fraud if it is generated by any other means.  Our love to others is the testimony, the witness to the world of who we say we are.

For all those who possess this so-called relationship, then ask Jesus for a cure for cancer, to stop war, etc.  They are not going to ask, because Jesus, God is not there with them.  Jesus is out among those suffering just as he promised he would be.  And if we want to be with Jesus, then we must be out there with them.


No, I ain’t no Mother Teresa

And no, I don’t believe that suffering is a mechanism to get close to God.  No, I wouldn’t deny children basic pain medication, nor would I defer medical treatment, again because it is good to suffer. (No, it is not good to suffer)  If it were good to suffer we would not need Jesus.

Of course, those who suffer should expect relief.  And once monies received are at hand that can assist those who suffer medically, it should not be withheld because their status is dismal and the sick would probably die anyway.

And for those who are dedicated to serve Jesus should in no way troubadour around the world as if one were an idolized celebrity.  Is this the symbolic icon of Jesus?  Does Jesus really hang around one’s neck in gold and poses crucified so that we can enjoy our savior as he suffered? Of course, not.  His crucifixion was a horrible, disgraceful experience, not one in which we ornate jewelry so we can show how much we love.  He told us to take up our cross, not to make a cute talisman to hang around our neck, demonstrating piety.

My take on this is:

Sufferer:  “Jesus.  I need you.  Come down off that cross and help me.”

Jesus:  “I’ve already come off the cross.  I died, was risen again after three days for you.”

Sufferer:  “Then help me.  I need your help.”

Jesus:  “I have sent my family, my church to take care of you.”

Sufferer:  “And when will they arrive?”

Jesus:  “Lord knows.”

Sufferer:  “None of this helps.  I am in pain.  I am sick and without.  I have nowhere to go.”

Jesus:  “Have faith.”

Sufferer:  “I have faith.  I need help and I need it now.”

Jesus:  “Looks like I will have to come back to earth to take care of this.  Hold on, if you are able.”

Sufferer:  “Jesus.  Thank God.  I have no choice but to wait.”


In This Corner Weighing 110 pounds…

If Christ were walking the earth today, we’d expect Him to receive the Nobel Prize.  Aside from the prize, we would witness Him on many or any of the Talking Head shows proliferating His views with all those other pundits.

It might even be like the Woody Allen parody whereas Jesus could give testimony to His New testament Cigarettes.

Naturally, Jesus would be the recipient of the “Christian of the Week” award be promoted to Sainthood and make grand world tours.

I suppose too, he’d be riding around in BMW’s, flying in his personal Lear Jets, and appear of any number of prosperity church revivals.  Maybe even Joel Osteen would have Christ as a guest speaker to endorse his teachings and lifestyle.

But of course, in reality, Jesus would not even be permitted to enter the Churches He endorsed.  Jesus would be hated now just as he was over 2,000 years ago when he did roam the earth.

No, there would be no book signings.

We’d find him with all those detestable scum that lace our hard core inner cities.

We’d see him homeless, without carriage, without, God forbid, theological degrees.  No, it would not be Dr. Jesus:  simply our Lord would be the lowly position of Son of God as it was stamped on his driver’s license.

Jesus might even be dress in rags, drinking a bottle of Old Crow with his buddies and eating whatever porridge he could muster the same as the next guy.

Finally, we’d see Him crucified and hanged by the same group that hung him he first time. It would come about from the hands for people just like you and me who think we are better, and believe we know better.

In the end, it would be the same.  Jesus would die all alone and you and I would be left there as sinners with good holy blood on our hands

And after we confessed, once again we’d pray for Christ o walk once again on this earth and once more He’d point the way for us to do it, saying he’d already done it.  Now, it is our turn to live and to die just like Him.

In His Name

Luke 18:8

…7 Will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry out to Him day and night? Will He continue to defer their help? 8I tell you, He will promptly carry out justice on their behalf. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?


Once again we take on the role of prayer.  On one hand, we examine our motives once we determine all our petitions are for something for US.  We pray for cars, jobs, loved ones, money, health, and a host of other items.

The question here though is not for those things we ask in His name, but how much we express our faith for others?

In light of this, how much of our prayers are directed for those who are without?  How is our faith driven for those who are in need?  For those who are desperate?  For the sick, the homeless, those in prison?

Essentially, the question becomes?  How is our faith found on this earth as we practice and obey the words of our master to serve others?

So then, if we fail in performing these deeds, then not only is there a lack of faith on earth for those here who need it, but more importantly, our Lord too, upon His arrival sees us without.

Faith then, is very much like love.  Faith is not counting heartbeats, singing a few songs, crying and then saying everything is alright.  Faith and love is an activity.  It is a powerful activity.  Faith and love involves giving something up so someone else can have something. Faith and love involves selflessness.  It requires patience, sharing, and forgiveness, a willingness to forfeit and to give.  In short, it means becoming Christ like and in service to others, the same as Christ is to us:  “And a new commandment I give unto you…that you love one another even as I have loved you as you love one another.”

For the most part let’s just be honest.  Yes, there is NO real faith on earth:  at least very little.  There is no faith because we refuse to do what our Lord has commanded us to do and because we don’t want to give up what we have in this world.

The truth is; the only way God and Christ becomes real to the world is because WE do what HE asks and release the power He gave us.  In the absence of our witness, there is NO God, no Jesus to comfort them.  It is through us, His Church that we are to be the light of the world.

The choice is a simple choice.  We can either choose light or else darkness. And if we withhold the light, then the world suffers as a result.  As weak as we are as people. As Christians we hold power though our words and deeds.  Without having to invoke the power of supernaturalness or other spiritual entities, we possess in simple terms the ability to produce love though our faith.  There is no neutral ground. Either we are or become willing, or we don’t.  And if we don’t, faith is erased from this world because of us.