In This Corner Weighing 110 pounds…

If Christ were walking the earth today, we’d expect Him to receive the Nobel Prize.  Aside from the prize, we would witness Him on many or any of the Talking Head shows proliferating His views with all those other pundits.

It might even be like the Woody Allen parody whereas Jesus could give testimony to His New testament Cigarettes.

Naturally, Jesus would be the recipient of the “Christian of the Week” award be promoted to Sainthood and make grand world tours.

I suppose too, he’d be riding around in BMW’s, flying in his personal Lear Jets, and appear of any number of prosperity church revivals.  Maybe even Joel Osteen would have Christ as a guest speaker to endorse his teachings and lifestyle.

But of course, in reality, Jesus would not even be permitted to enter the Churches He endorsed.  Jesus would be hated now just as he was over 2,000 years ago when he did roam the earth.

No, there would be no book signings.

We’d find him with all those detestable scum that lace our hard core inner cities.

We’d see him homeless, without carriage, without, God forbid, theological degrees.  No, it would not be Dr. Jesus:  simply our Lord would be the lowly position of Son of God as it was stamped on his driver’s license.

Jesus might even be dress in rags, drinking a bottle of Old Crow with his buddies and eating whatever porridge he could muster the same as the next guy.

Finally, we’d see Him crucified and hanged by the same group that hung him he first time. It would come about from the hands for people just like you and me who think we are better, and believe we know better.

In the end, it would be the same.  Jesus would die all alone and you and I would be left there as sinners with good holy blood on our hands

And after we confessed, once again we’d pray for Christ o walk once again on this earth and once more He’d point the way for us to do it, saying he’d already done it.  Now, it is our turn to live and to die just like Him.


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