More on Personal Relationships

Listening to people like Benny Hinn, one would think that daily, Jesus goes into their dining room and has a cup of coffee with them and then dispenses personal information.  While I don’t want to pick on anyone, there are many others.  In fact, a mainstream topic for sermons today is on possessing a personal relationship with God.

Never mind the fact that even the Apostles failed to obtain this status, preachers are quick to endorse this attribute to Christianity.

And a new commandment I give unto you… love one another..;…

How is it possible all these Christians are so close to God, yet lack the ability to love as Jesus did?

How is it possible that Paul describes the church as that unit that provides for the earthly (body) of Jesus on the earth today?

Have I missed something? Oh, I’m not saying that Christians can’t obtain an inner peace and quiet prayer life…what I’m alluding to is direct evidence of God’s power.

And if all these Christians have God’s power due to their special relationship, then there should be no shortage of miracles or acts of God demonstrating God’s love for His people.

However, I attest that Peoples interaction with God is attestable directly from the family of God and that is exactly how Jesus set it up.

In other words, Jesus did what he was supposed to do on the Cross and through his victory over death handed us the power to his kingdom.  It is our job to speak and to provide service to others that speak or witness to God and his promises.

In plain terms:  this means that Christians should be doing things that the world doesn’t do.  It means that Christians are to be reaching out the same as Jesus did in love in order to be promoting the gospel.

This is not an intellectual pursuit, this is a physical activity.  No, it is not based on ignorance, but yes, it centers on faith and the faith is manifested by deeds.

I am not disputing that we are saved by grace.  Yes, we are saved by grace yet, if others are to be saved then we are to be obedient to His word.

Okay, this means we cannot be at home or at church counting heartbeats. It means the evidence of our faith is as Apostle Paul stated via the nine fruits of the spirit.  In the absence of these fruits there is no faith, no virtue and to most people, no Christ as his characteristics have not been revealed to them.

The personal relationship to God comes about as a result of Christians interacting with his children.  The personal relationship of God is nothing more than a fraud if it is generated by any other means.  Our love to others is the testimony, the witness to the world of who we say we are.

For all those who possess this so-called relationship, then ask Jesus for a cure for cancer, to stop war, etc.  They are not going to ask, because Jesus, God is not there with them.  Jesus is out among those suffering just as he promised he would be.  And if we want to be with Jesus, then we must be out there with them.



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