Jesus’s Faith in Man


Most often, we examine our need for faith.  Naturally, this is self-explanatory as we are always in a desperate need for more faith.

However, even as curious, is how much faith Christ had in man.  Clearly, Christ takes an exception to our frailty as being human as we are promised an inheritance of the future to be with him forever.  This requires tremendous faith on behalf of Christ to believe in us this much.

I read the other day, that we cannot produce faith on our own, but that it is a complete gift from God.  However, taking this to the extreme, it seems silly on its own merits {Yes, I know Paul would back the claim up that we cannot produce faith on our own.

However, if this were true, why then did over and over again did Jesus become upset when his disciples have a LACK of faith?  Come on, now.  You can’t have it both ways.  If it is only through God that you obtain faith, then you can’t fault someone for not having it.

This would also beg the question when Jesus over and over again told his people to believe.  Belief, at least some of it is exercised by the believer which brings us back to Jesus and his faith in us.

It would appear that Jesus believes in us because we believe in Him and all of that seems remarkable to me.  This would not be equal faith for equal faith, but the perfect faith of Jesus for the little within us.  This is astounding when you judge It on the merits.

So then, it would seem our task ahead of us is not so much to examine the little faith we have, but the overflowing faith possessed by Jesus for us.  By doing so, we have a model on which to project how we should be.  Obviously, we are not that model for we fall dismally short.

In short, the faith Jesus holds for the world is far, far greater than any man can ever muster where we should conclude that all eyes should be on Him for he attains that answer that we fail.


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