Talking a good Game

As indicated by the thousands of Christian Books at the many Christian Book stores, our ability to internalize, think, ponder, cogitate, and write the many wonderful characteristics of God are innumerable.  Truly, we possess an amazing capacity to envision our creator.

And perhaps, this might also be where we suffer the most.  Our exercise of conceptualizing God and His Son, might satisfy us to the point where we fail to act on the very images of which we pursue.

This arrangement puts us into conflict by projecting a diametric paradigm, that is, we have: 1. the conceptualization of the intellect and: 2., the actual performance (operationalization} through action.

Anyone can argue that Christianity is not science, but I believe any reasonable person would also believe that not all things should be bound by faith alone.  What this means, is that at some point, the Christian, the attester to whatever truth it is should at some juncture provide a reference point of observable evidence of said faith.

This was easy enough in the Old Testament as the prophets provided this on a myriad of occasions.  The same can be stated that Christ and His Apostles also provide physical evidence that verified their claims to represent God.

Now then, what I am proposing is that at this point in our Church History, we are performing an amazing job of thinking, writing, speaking our faith and more or less performing a lousy job of putting this into actual practice.

This means that our faith cannot be put to plain reasoning with the world because what we say is NOT observable. In a nutshell, it is not observable because as disciples, we fail to exercise our faith, our knowledge that concludes the logical argument that only verifies its non-existence.

In ordinary terms, this should illustrate that mere words, not matter how good they may sound are worthless.  The real genius of Jesus is that not only was he foretold by prophecy but that he also came and dwelt here on earth.  Jesus is more than words.  In fact, he is far greater than words.  He is action and that is what makes him


3 thoughts on “Talking a good Game

  1. All talk and no walk.


    I feel the heat on that one, Tom.

    St. Paul says I can know it all (even do it all really too) but without love (and that part is a verb along with all the rest) I am just a noisy gong.

    We are a vain people submerged deeply (as deep as vain can be) in a vain culture. It’s like swimming in 2 inches of water. We could just stand up and walk, really. Why all this splashing around not even getting anywhere.

    I really want to take a minute and write another post on an experience I had at the grocery store a few minutes ago. Don’t know if I have time to write what took 5 minutes to experience. But the young bag boy walking me to the car asked about my weekend plans and I told him I plan to do another urban plunge. He asked what that is, and when I told him he said he was homeless himself until recently. I am sorry to say, I did not listen as closely to him as I should have because I think he said he was from either South Carolina or Florida (I was multitasking as he spoke, and that is always tough for me.)

    Anyway, he aged out of foster care and landed on the streets for a while. That is not his deal now, but it was recently. And this was a shock to me. I would have thought this young man was 16 or 18 and living with his parents still. But no… he has experiences in life that a lot of us will never know (I hope)… enough to be a bit jaded really.

    I gave him the website. Hope he pokes in on it and maybe we can develop more between us. Of course he works at my corner store, so I really might see him there again soon. Either way, I hope. AND it shows how connected we are to homelessness even when we don’t know it. I cant help but think that if we Christians were better at LOVE this kind of stuff would come more fully to the light (in fact if we had been better at LOVE all along, perhaps this kind of thing would have been avoided altogether to begin with!).

    Thanx for blogging, brother!

    The blogs play a part, words and talk always do. But the action must back it up somewhere too, or else it is all vain.


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  2. I am glad you met this bag boy for now he has a ‘touching point’ with you. I am sure you will remember his history and be attentive to him in that capacity. This is all so very good and yes, I am glad you shared it with me.I am excited about another ‘plunge’, only this time, take the camera as well hopefully. Trust me, if Jesus were walking around today, I’d have my camera. Normally, I think these things are fake, but I know it can be used to witness to others. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this blog.


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