Everything Happens for A Reason

This is one adage all of us have heard from time to time and it’s one that mostly doesn’t help at all. I’m going to assign this to the ‘Sour Grapes’ syndrome as it’s about the same thing.

Of course, everything happens for a reason.  We call that logic.  But many of those reasons are bad reasons, evil reasons and items that defy our fragile, human minds.

Most of those ‘reasons’ have nothing to do with God.  Sure, God can take any circumstance and change it around to our good, but that doesn’t mean that God was behind it in the beginning.

Let’s face it.  Many Crappy things happen and God is not up on His throne, looking down and playing around with us as if we were chess pieces.  God desire GOOD for us, not all the harmful, lousy things we come across daily.

God is not behind world hunger, the millions destroyed in war and all the mayhem behind it.  Jesus, through God is the solution, not the reason behind these terrible events.

And no, God is not in control for these horrible experiences.  Sure, ultimately, God surely permits it and will eventually finalize an answer to the darkness of this world, but in the meanwhile, we are those responsible for what goes on.

For many things that happen, it sucks.  Clear and Simple.  Good, positive thoughts will NOT make it go away.  You lose a loved one, or witness the many injustices throughout the world, this is NOT for any GOOD reason.  It is for EVIL.

Too often, our religious leaders sugar-coat life, provide answers that really are nothing more than empty platitudes.  Rather than saying they simple don’t know, many will cough up phony reasons that someone suggests that God is more or less providing tests for us that will build our character.

I don’t believe this for a moment when it comes to the over 70 million killed, say in WWII.  No, I do believe that God assisted us in defeating the bad guys, but HE was NOT responsible for the deaths of his children.

The next time you hear the adage of ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ challenge that person and let them illustrate all those good reasons and ask them to point in the bible to back up those claims.  In the meantime, know that evil is active and busy at work doing nothing but building traps that can do nothing but tear us down.  This is a full time job and when it happens to someone it is horrible.  There are reasons alright, and all those reasons are bad.


One thought on “Everything Happens for A Reason

  1. Ha…! I was out on our urban plunge with my kid the last two days and somewhere in there I sermonized that people often say… “I was put here for a reason”. Yes, the phrase sounds the same as is used to say the same pointless thing, pretty much.

    I was telling Agent Z to challenge those who say this! I told him, it is true. You are put here for a reason, but it is not some generic reason. You don’t need to smoke dope and gaze at your navel to find it. All that kind of crap will do is distract you.

    Yes. You were put here for a reason, and that reason is to bear the image of God! and by virtue of that to rule the world!!! (Gen. 1:26-28). Yeah. It’s in there.

    Great post. Thanx


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