A Plastic Smile

One feature about people that really sickens me are those (and there are many}, celebrities, salesmen, preachers even and many, many others who, when in front of an audience place this great big smile on their face and show nothing but teeth.


The disgusting quality about this is that it is money and fame that are the driving points behind this antic.  There is really nothing genuine about it.  It is a ploy.  It is ugly, hideous and deceptive.

Many of these same people, once removed from the stage also remove there corruptible grin, their smile.

We see people such as LET’S MAKE A DEAL dressed like a strawberry jumping up and down like an idiot—all for the sake of money.

No, there is nothing wrong with a smile when it is genuine.  However, boosted and prompted by money, the smile becomes nothing more than plastic.  IN fact, the person transforms as well into the plastic mold for it indicates they sold out for the benefit of money.

The only time people even really refer to me as ‘Sir’ is a salesman when he wants me to buy from him. Any fool knows to show respect if you want to effectuate a sale.

Sadly, respect should flow with the absence of money. Virtues cannot be bought.

Okay, I said it clear and simple and will now end this blog.  However, let me express that as I wrote it, I failed to have a smile.





2 thoughts on “A Plastic Smile

  1. There’s an old saying: You are what you eat.

    Well, its equally or even more true, actually, that you become like what you worship.

    If you worship money and fame (vanity) then you become a vain thing. And well, money is the original shape shifter. So a bouncing strawberry is what money looks like sometimes.

    Plastic too is a shape shifter. I got a degree in manufacturing and learned all about injection molding. I even was trained to use CNC machinery to produce the molds. That plastic smile is not the image of God. A real smile is, but a plastic smile is the image of vanity chasing money, power, and fame.

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