Calling into Action

At the very least, a good sermon should move people, stir people, convict, inspire, convince, prod, and stir people to action.  In the absence of action, all we are really left with is a host of empty words.

Action should indicate change.  Change in this sense would indicate a positive attribute.  And what it’s all about is changing things for the good.

In fact, if all the empty words were recorded from each of us possessed in our data repertories then, were removed, we’d be left with nothing but silent lips.  So much for change.

We attempt to persuade the masses with intellect, overlooking the experiential aspect of truth. People gravitate to the scriptures not only because they are embedded in ink, but because they are living, active and contain power to move.

Our words should be the same.  They should reflect what we actually do, not so much as what we say.  In other words, they should balance each other:  words and action. Words as a result of action and no so much the other way around.

In providing testimony about God as His ambassadors, our witness is in the fact that God is alive, not that he ‘used’ to exist, but that he exists now through Christ.

And if Christ is to be made manifest on this earth now, His spirit should be reflected through us, His followers.

Thus, I attest that the only true sermons are those that are imbued with action. The actions define the words, not words defining action.

Friends, this is what separates BS from reality.  Reality is not only embraced by success, but the many failures that detail the greater truth as revealed by God.

In order to either succeed or fail one must actively be engaged in a physical activity.

Just as our parents were real to us through the senses, through one, the human touch.  We also must be available to those in need physically.  Who in their right mind would have desired a parent tucked away in a book?  Who would only want to read about their parents?

The same is true with God.  We desire to know more than about God.  We wish to KNOW God himself.  And the truth is:  whenever we drop our shields, and do what God asks us to do such as Love our Neighbor, God then becomes magnified beyond written or spoken words.  He becomes real in the flesh for those of this world.




3 thoughts on “Calling into Action

  1. I loved the insight in a blog post I found last night that featured Jeremiah 22:16. You can blow right past it if you aren’t careful, but there He is. And you will find him in your care for the poor.


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    1. Jeremiah 22:16New International Version (NIV)

      16 He defended the cause of the poor and needy,
      and so all went well.
      Is that not what it means to know me?”
      declares the Lord. You are so right, my friend. Thank you for the reminder.

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