They are in a Better Place

How many times have we heard this callow adage spoken when at a loss or in responding to hearing of one’s passing?

Come on, now.  This is stupid.  They are better off?  Do we really believe a person is better off dead rather than alive?

Okay, okay.  I get it.  I know what Proverbs says about, about better off the day we die, but then again what age are we speaking of?

But to fully attack the issue.  Whenever we say stupid things like this isn’t what we really saying is that as people we are too stupid to say anything that is meaningful or anything that really makes any sense, so we pass it off to God in a mundane manner

No, in many cased they are NOT better off.  I wish they were alive, here with us.  I wish, for God’s sake, they were alive.

If, in fact, they were better off, how come we don’t take a plunge to our deaths so it could be said of us that we were better off?  We don’t do that because we don’t believe it is why.

Yes, anyone who is with God is better off.  But, unless I missed something, that is supposed to start here on EARTH, now in the present tense.  We are not supposed to die in order to be better off, and to be with God.  He is here with us NOW.

A greater truth is that we are not wise enough, not smart enough to know if they are better off.  No, we just don’t know and would do well to keep our mouth shut in cases as such.

Again as Proverbs says, “Even a fool appears wise when his mouth is shut.”  So much for the wise of this world.

And in the advent as to when I croak, then tell me I am somewhere yes, but that I was better off because I had met YOU.

2 thoughts on “They are in a Better Place

  1. I think this is one of those clichés that feigns comfort – as in comforting the bereaved, but really it comforts the “comforter” instead. It SOUNDS wise and caring, but really it’s cliché, and sadly even a moments thought reveals this shallow attempt at comfort. But in the midst of bereavement, calling it out is rude and changes the atmosphere away from grief to meanness, and so we don’t do it. And this lets the cliché hang there in the air like a stale fart. The person who put it out there feels a bit of relief, but the rest of us just sense the stink and don’t say anything to save face.

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