Way Up There

This is what separates reality from fiction:  what is real and what is not.  I am talking about whatever is phony or real.

If God remains way up there in the sky, in the heavens on His throne, then man is doomed and always has been that way.

Yet, if man has been quickened by Christ and follows his commandments, then God remains on this earth through the actions and expressions of faith by men.

Today, Man has the ability to be the host spirit of Christ.  We then reveal God’s image by our words and actions as the author of our actions is Christ.  At least they should be Christ.  The lack of actions produce a lack of visibility of God here on earth.

The separation of reality then hinges on FAITH.  For it is by faith the Christian not only proclaims the merits of God’s grace through Jesus, but by action demonstrates the power of mercy and forgiveness-His love.

The gift from God was in fact of gift of Jesus to this word- to us.  Eternal life does not begin at death, it begins at inception of becoming a Christian. The testimony to the word are the actions and words to unbelievers as a result of obedience.  Without action, there can be no obedience, only empty words.

The fact that the Son of God came down to this earth to dwell with us separates His father from being way up there.  Christ was down, down here with us and remains through his body, his church.

Again, the separation is faith.  But what good is that faith if it is not shared to others? If only we possess it, how then is the church to grow? And this is the essence of the gospel—that it is presented for all, that none should perish.

If God is to be more than fiction-If Jesus is made to be alive to this world, then the complement of his glory through actions is a necessary component.

It is a matter of us being down here with the spirit of Christ to all those others who also have need to experience a God who is more than way of there.


5 thoughts on “Way Up There

  1. If only we possess it, how then is the church to grow? And this is the essence of the gospel—that it is presented for all, that none should perish.
    ^ A few days ago, I watched a John K. Jenkins sermon called “Consider Your Ways” that mentioned advancing God’s kingdom. He said something like, “You’re so busy with your agenda that you aren’t helping with God’s.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bscTRUUXFjM)
    Pretty sure that’s why I’m being punished right now… More on that in a future memoir chapter. (Ooh, suspense, LOL.)

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  2. I will listen to that sermon later today. Thanks for your response. Too, do you really believe you are being punished? Describe that when you get a chance. I have also seen people so busy in church they didn’t have time to be a Christian. It’s just far to easy to get caught up in it all.


  3. Hi! My name is Anita-I write the blog for The Gathering. Would you mind if I posted some of your stuff on our site from time to time? I seen in some of the comments that you and Agent X from Fat Beggars School of Prophets communicate. We at the Gathering post a lot of his stuff as well. I would be honored to post some of your blogs on our site if that would be possible. Please let me know. I really enjoy your blog, “Way Up There” ! Be blessed! -anita

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