Message to a prophet (my friend)

 Rev 19:10

King James Bible
And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

John 4:32

American King James Version
But he said to them, I have meat to eat that you know not of.  (But every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
Here, we are back to food.  Obviously, this is not real food Jesus is talking about, the same as he indicated when he taught concerning manna. Yet, it does place us in the midst of a feast that brings us to the banquet of the king.

Who is invited?  Who arrives and as of what result?

We can at least look to the prophet and judge of Rebecca for she possessed full confidence that God would deliver.

In the New Testament, we are not concerned with God zapping anyone, but we are concerned about His Judgment.  All of this leads us to the New Testament prophet that whips us back to Ezekiel for what does he do?  He EATS the scroll and it tasted like HONEY.

Interesting enough, what was the Sin of Adam:  eating of a forbidden fruit.  Of course, more than likely God had intended Adam to eat the fruit at some point in order to probably proceed to the truth of Good and Evil, but he failed to obey.

The eating process concludes Jesus’s life on this earth with another meal:  eating his body at the last supper.

After the cross, Jesus proves himself not a ghost by eating a meal of fish. Peter is more or less reinstated on good terms with commands for Jesus for Peter to feed His lambs. And so what is true for Peter is true too for the rest of His church.  We are to feed the world spiritual knowledge, first as Paul describes it with milk and then with meat.

But what is this meat? I spoke of spiritual knowledge, but it goes beyond that.  It is spirit.  Period as God is spirit.

And so then, what is the role of the New Testament prophet?  Is not the stumbling block Ezekiel spoke about the spirit of truth, through the physical body of the prophet?  Is this NOT Christ as the words of Ezekiel were actually God’s?

So then, the New Testament prophet is not to condemn such as in the case of Ezekiel, as we are condemned already, but to save those of whom may be saved and in so doing, just as Ezekiel, save ourselves.

Okay, then. The modern day prophet does not say:  “Thus saith the Lord.” The modern day prophet is not stoned if his words do not come true exactly as spoken. For here, the New Testament prophet transcends understanding from the Holy Spirit as the human understands.  Too, this, unlike with Ezekiel is a teamwork approach as a result of effort from the entire church.  That was not available in Ezekiel’s time.

The New Testament prophet is required to house those who are able to discern, the believers.  Notice, discerners are not those who are outside of the church, but those who are within.

This means a necessary requirement is that many are involved and not a lone prophet, a once in a 100 years type of things.

The stumbling block is the same insomuch that the obstacle is Jesus.  However, in today’s world, WE are to be that stumbling block for we are given the task to grant testimony to the Gospel of Christ.

Truly in that sense, WE hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus told those around Him that they were nigh to the kingdom.  And they were nigh because His presence was with them.

In like manner, the kingdom should also be felt by those who are around us, for Christ is to be dwelling within us.

Thus, any meaningful study of Ezekiel should be referenced beginning with Christ.  The cross-referencing of Jesus is as such for it draws back down to US, the Christian.  Here, God’s church is utilized by the role of many, in this study: the prophet.  And for what reason is the prophet?

As a warning

As a warrior

As a bearer of good news

As one who gives information of messages of the Holy Spirit

This is a task that goes beyond the scriptures.  This is a mix of man-spirit as we live it and as we believe God informs.  This is an extension of the Scriptures where Ezekiel made Scripture here we are attempting to live scriptures out in life for today. Again Paul tells us to discern.

It should go without saying that all of this must all have reference to Christ. This is NOT about getting people new cars or homes or jobs.  The task is simple:  to proclaim the message of Jesus by word and by deed-all for the purpose of providing Glory to our Father and His Son, Jesus and with Jesus as the Head and director of His church.

I believe a fitting delineation between the nexus of Ezekiel and of the modern day prophets is necessary as they contain the same author:  GOD.

Food is an item we can all identify with for we all require it.  We are instructed to depend on HIM for our daily bread.  We are told that Jesus is our bread-that He is the light of the world.

We have also been taught that if we want to be fed then we should feed his flock.  This food: this nourishment is solid food, information food, spiritual food, ultimately is Christ Himself and it is all done through us.

No one should be fooled by fancy words of anointment, etc. for the scriptures say that not only was his son Jesus, was anointed, but also His entire Church.  This means we already as Christians possess the equipment to perform what He has requested through his commands.

This travels beyond the cross, for the cross is empty.  It is empty as Christ defeated the Cross and now requires us to take on that vacated cross as our own.

In that method, we are all then subject not only to our elders, but also our prophets for we are to follow this journey together through Christ’s church.

Of course, I have not exhausted the discourse on prophets but I believe I’ve covered enough for a full course.  The only item really remaining is the thunder behind it. Truthfully, I believe if any man can do that, you can provide the thunder. But these are the suggestions I provide for I believe ALL of it and more is important.  This is so important there should even eventually be a video to that effect explaining your lesson.



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