You Don’t Say?

Too often we come across situations where fighting words incite our conscience to retaliate.  On the other end of the scale we heap praises on those who in words, sooth our senses either in prose, poetry or lyrics.

Preachers preach and we tell them how wonderful their sermon was.  Oh, how absurd.  How is it possible for a sermon to be wonderful?

We can examine Jesus with the Sermon on the Mount to include the events prior and afterward.  I am sure the scribes loved the idea that they were referred to as vipers and snakes with a father who was a liar.

And when Jesus told the rich ruler to sell everything, you just know he was thankful for the wonderful message he received from our Master, Jesus.

On another occasion, Jesus tells a lame man that his sins are forgiven.  Next, he changes what he says because words are cheap and tells the man to “Rise.  Take up your bed and walk.”

Heck the words don’t matter at all.  Jesus could have uttered, “Peanut Butter and Jelly time…” and the man still would have walked.

On still another occasion, God spoke through a donkey.  For all practical purposes, he probably sounded more or less like Mr. Ed, but it made no difference for it was the voice or at least the words of God.

Paul stated that he did not come and convert by the eloquence of his words, but with fear and trembling and with power.

Even now by virtue of my writings which are my words really mean nothing.  It is what I do that counts.

The same is true for you.  My words, if effective can provoke but without action, the words themselves are without merit.

When sitting down for supper do you reach for the dictionary for words, or for food?  Silly question, of course.

But the same is true with God’s kingdom.  Are we feeding the world mere words, or are we providing the food—the spiritual food necessary for people to exist?

In the final analysis, for whatever Jesus said, it mattered not.  For it was not so much what He said, it was WHO He was—namely, the savior, the Son of God.

It is similar with us as heirs to the kingdom.  As citizens it is not so much as to what we say as anyone can say anything.  Because of WHO we ARE it is important as to what we do.

And in the end, our testimony really will not come down to words.  It will come down to character.  And character is a testimony once more of who we are.  God defines us by our heart and in our obedience to Him.  If we are obedient to Him, the world will know who we are by our love.  Our fruits will speak for themselves and not a word need be said.




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