Someone’s Gonna Die

One principal feature about people is that we love action on a matter.  In the case of Jesus, they hated him because he was against violence, angry, revenge, hatred and so to get rid of him, they killed him.  Someone’s Gonna Die for sure.

It is no different today.  With our bombing in Syria, our retaliation against Assad and his use of chemical weapons, America is celebrating.  However, often times, the guys that we so easily blast away aren’t even the bad guys, but people forced to carry out orders of a tyrant.

We can see similar situations in North Korea or in Iran.  Yes, we know the majority of people there are not anti-American, but are under the influence of undo force.  Their motto is a simple one to enforce their mentality.  Someone’s Gonna Die.

World War II produced in excess of 70 million deaths.  Stalin Killed at least 16 million of his own and China, in the 60s starved over 36 million Chinese to maintain power along party lines.

Can you imagine calls from Americans during WWII to permit Japanese citizens to immigrate to America during the efforts of the war?

How about bringing the refugees to this great country?  Okay, that would be several hundred million Russians, don’t forget those in India which would add another billion, the Japanese and Chinese, etc.  The list goes on.  Sounds silly, doesn’t it.

No, we don’t bring everyone over here.  We send money over there and sometimes we send bombs, bullets and American Troops.  Either way around.  Someone’s gonna die.

I suppose these words appear to make me sound bitter.  And yes, I am bitter against the forces of evil that take out so many people.  I detest the killing, the starvation and suffering.  I hate it all.

And the terrible thing about it is to do nothing is also to invite the bad guys over here.  At least in my lifetime, the only reason the bad guys don’t fight us over here is because of our thousands of bombs, guns, and nuclear weapons. All of this leads to the most terrible equation of all and that is in order to have peace, one way or another, Someone’s Gonna Die.





3 thoughts on “Someone’s Gonna Die

  1. Somebody’s gonna die.

    If I get you right, you are pretty much claiming this is an immutable fact.

    If you are not saying that, I will.

    It’s the ugly fact we desperately turn our eyes away from in hopes that we can sanitize the situation and make it look better than it is. If someone’s gotta die, at least, we hope, it is the bad guys and not the good guys. And if it kills some good guys, at least, we hope, it don’t kill us. Because we are playing it from the other end – somebody’s gotta survive, and it sure damn well better include me and mine (Us).

    Here’s the thing, though. Jesus comes along making a claim to rule the world… but then he does the dying. And not only that, he calls his followers do follow after him, carrying crosses. And this is so counterintuitive, but, he claims therein is proper rule of the world.

    But here’s a complication in the thing: Jesus and his followers ruling the world are a CHURCH thing, not a United States thing. No. The US Constitution very purposefully separated church and state, but then happily went out and killed others (Them) so that we could survive. And well, that is a valuable service to anyone who thinks they want to save their life in order to save it ((Us) and (Me)).

    So somehow when it comes to these matters at these unmentionable levels – down behind the veil behind which we desperately turn our eyes away (such as a man on a cross), we start mixing our religion and politics after all, but we do it in a civil religion sense that disguises itself as Christianity. This way we go on kidding ourselves that we are a “Christian” nation and so forth despite the way our society has utterly turned its back on Jesus … oh, say… sexually speaking… or greed… or our thirst for Pride and Power. Yes, our society hardly resembles Christ in any discernable way, but we toot the Christian nation horn when we need to go kill others in order to order our world.

    All that said, and I only have the thinnest arguments against bombing Syria. If ever there was a time to do it, gassing their own women and children surely is that time. And though I don’t blog on this stuff, I pray about it daily. It is important to me. Assad is creating tomorrows terrorists just as fast as a jerk can. But when we look carefully at the way the US has meddled in the Mid East for decades – manipulating other nations to our benefit (hey we practically created Saddam Hussein) and we hated Iran and loved Saddam when he was fighting them so we armed him to the teeth and then feared him years later when he was armed and proved fickle to our selfish agendas. Yeah, the problem is the EVIL goes all the way round the table. It runs though US as well as THEM. Always has. And now that the recipe has cooked and the timer has gone off, we are going to have our cake and eat it too!

    Are we to blame for every evil in the Mid East? No. But we share in it. And now we reap what we have sowed.

    I wonder if we carried out diplomacy with the same vigor we use in developing weapons, would we find peaceful solutions? We haven’t even tried. But someone would die if we did that, NO? Yes. Someone’s gotta die. That is the Maxim here. But if we send in US Marines or Special Ops, someone’s gonna die that way too. After all, the immutable fact is… Somebody’s gotta die. And even if we are better at killing than the opposition, we will take losses. Look at NYC on 9-11-01! Look at the Pulse Night Club! Look at Columbine High School!

    We could wise up to the fact – somebody’s gotta die! All the killing we do doesn’t stop it. Never has.

    I love the story of Shane Claiborne from The Simple Way – a street/homeless minister who actually has a national fame. Please look into this guy, his story is amazing. Mine is just a joke next to his. He goes to jail with the homeless frequently and then sues municipalities for false arrest and imprisonment and wins frequently AND THEN gives the money to the homeless after he wins!

    Claiborne’s got guts.

    And during the second Gulf War when we actually invaded Iraq, Claiborne bought a ticket and went to Bagdad to pray with the Christians there as our nation bombed theirs. One man’s Shock-n-Awe is another man’s terrorism. And just when it seemed Jews and Americans were losing their heads for the fight, Claiborne found Christians to pray with – and do you know what they prayed for as our bombs fell on their city???

    They prayed for the American Church. We were the ones in need of more faith! Go figure… Then he lived to tell of it and wrote a great little book called The Irresistible Revolution.

    Claiborne is not Christ. But he serves Christ with uncommon faith and ministry. He is a modern hero of the faith. And yes… he survived (so far), but he died with Christ a long time ago and the life he lives now is really Christ living in him.

    May we begin to sort this stuff out. God help us.


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    1. Reading up on Shane Claiborne was really exciting. This reminds me some of the 60s with the return to earth movement with some hippies. IN another way, it also reminds me some of the charismatic movement of which I was a participant. At the time, there was a need to experience more of a ‘spiritual’ aspect of Jesus. As a Presbyterian, we were like many others, indoctrinated with knowledge. The same is with the Methodists and still some others. However, mostly what we saw and experienced as a Christian, was that we were going through one ritual after another and never really experiencing the spirit of Christ. Okay, so some of this got out of hand and does to this day, but the movement was genuine. While I see many weaknesses of this in particular, revelation knowledge and mostly now has turned into the prosperity movement. As an old community organizer of the 60s one fo the things that sticks out with me is that the poor dislike the rich, yet want and desire to be rich also. Personally, I think both are amiss. I believe our vision should focus on Jesus no matter our status. No, I don’t embrace poverty for people but I would take that as opposed to selling out for riches. Okay, so as not to ramble. I intend to really explore our friend, Shane Claiborne. I’m not one for following any movement per Se, but I will attempt to learn what I can from him and those around him. I believe at least they put their money where their mouth is and that is 90% of the journey to obedience. Thank you for the introduction as I had never heard of him.


  2. You are only so right, and yes, I was stating it as a fact. At least a historical fact anyway. As you pointed out, they bombed NYC and we bombed, you guessed it the wrong country. Didn’t matter cause we were going to kill someone over it.
    And yes, I am glad they bombed Syria. It’s because of the chemical stuff. And yes, I separate God and Country, not because of the Constitution, but because they are separate issues, and always have been.
    A theocracy existed in ancient biblical times, and it failed. It was more or less a theocracy even in the days of Jesus and it failed as well. It failed mostly because of the evil nature of man. It was intended to fail in a way. At least God knew it would had provided the way our via Jesus.
    FDR was angry about Pearl Harbor and of course we bombed, the GERMANS! by the Persian Gulf war of 1991 we had so many toys of war we had to try them out. I could go on and on but that’s all really a different matter. My complaint about people is that we always resort to the same tactic, mostly. Shoot first and ask questions later.
    As much as I opposed many of Obama’s policies (obvious he hated war) by not going to war or at least pulling out help create the mess we have now. I can make the same argument with Woodrow Wilson over WWI. IN other words, the do-gooders generally fail. Great ideas but they won’t work and they won’t work because the inherent nature of man is evil.
    To tick more people off: let me point this out about Jesus. Jesus never said anything about China, or Europe, must less the Americas. He took care of whatever was immediately in front of him, face-to-face. And I think that also is our primary responsibility. WE must do that first prior to insisting our will on others.It really shouldn’t be over who has the bigger gun. In spite of the weapons, we have Jesus. Glory to God that we do.


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