Honky-Talk Jesus

In keeping with some of our new age churches and at times, mega-churches, can we imagine transferring this high tech environment to the old word of Jesus?

Okay, there is Jesus standing on stage at the Sermon on the Mount.  He has one of those new microphone attachments on the side of his face and in all of his appeal, he is sporting a Gibson guitar.  This presentation is replete with smoke bombs, choreographers in the background, laser lights, and reverb chambers with the ubiquitous church organ playing in harmony with Jesus’s appeal for money.

So then, Jesus says he ‘feels’ someone in the audience has a back ache.  Now this is a real eye opener because out of thousands, no one will ever guess that someone has a back pain.  NO, of course not.

We turn to the new age advertisement:

For only $39.99 one can:  with the love offering can possess Jesus’s new book on casting out demons.

For 3,226 easy installments of $59.99, members can possess a real live video of Christ suffering, and dying on the cross. But what> If you act now, there’s more.

For those who respond within the next 30 minutes will receive free bottles of Holy Water, Crackers by Nabisco and a genuine wooden cross.

No one is not going to say the above is absurd!  OF course, it is! Yet, look at the churches that daily advertise this same type of phoniness.  Jesus would NEVER come across the way depicted and for those who do project Him that way will one day face our Maker who will demand answers. In today’s age, we can even see the scenario where there would be even 1000s of re-runs—never mind the fact that no one would be embarrassed. In this case, however, I am more than embarrassed.  I am outraged.  Jesus should never be reduced to a mere Honky-Talk side show of his Father’s Kingdom.




4 thoughts on “Honky-Talk Jesus

  1. Woe… Gibson guitar??? That’s a messiah I can really get behind! I mean, Judas Maccabee played a Fender Strat…. but that is sooooooooooo 2 millennia ago.

    Umm… does this mean my Forty Days of Purpose Driven Life handsome leather bound journal was a bit off the point?

    Could I get a refund on my Left Behind Family Board Game?

    Or should I just cut my losses and move on?

    But that Gibson… Man… If I had only known! Sorry I missed that show.

    Hey, Tom… I just had an idea. Maybe you could sell some Sermon on the Mount concert tees. I bet you could get at least $25 a pop! I mean, I can still get a Pink Floyd Dark Side shirt for $30 – after market, and that is only 40 years old. But if you could sell burial cloth headbands and other accessories, at least you could disguise your greed as faith that way. And I bet there’s a real market for it.

    Just sayin…


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  2. When I say to people, “I go to church”, or “Why don’t you come to church with me this Sunday” many of them think of these aforementioned churches. They think, “They just want my money”, or they say, “I don’t believe in organized religion.”

    It is frustrating that those kinds of churches are in the forefront. But, hopefully the small acts of faith, the using the ground in front of our feet as disciples for the real Lord we serve will make an impact too. Thanks for sharing.

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