Captain Willy’s Whiz Bag of Snake oil and Salesmen

At least 30,000-40,000 different religious organizations exist is America today.  That does not mean we have that many denominations or that many groups have major differences as some critics would love to point out, but it does mean there is some type of blend for anyone—no matter what lifestyle they prefer.

It follows somewhere along these lines:  “Boy, have I got a deal for you!”

Do you want physical healing?  We have an organization tailor-made for your needs.

How about wealth and money?  There are thousands of churches that will respond to this request.

Perhaps you are interested in the Devil or the principalities of demons that plague your entire family.  Yes, of course, sir.  We have a plan along those lines.

If your interest is in more spirituality, more knowledge, understanding, insight, self-growth, forgiveness, deliverance, yes sir:  Some church can attend your needs.

As we all know, much of this is snake oil sales, for many have but really one thing in common, and that’s the fact they are reaching into your back pocket for your wallet with another hand outward grabbing every piece of fried-chicken in sight.

In the end.  You are no better off than you were to begin with.  In fact, you are at least with less money for those jokers found a way to get you to give it to them.

Somewhere in our quest for spiritual truths, we seek symbols which will support the reason and mission for our existence. We search for single-minded answers that will guide and shape our lives.  Somewhere too, we search for some symbol or symbols that are in agreement of our own personal agendas.  In other words, we desire to justify who we are and why we are the way that we are.

And even though all signs point to the Master, Jesus the Christ, we somehow skip His words and drive home a wedge that grants greater importance to the words of men, rather than our Lord. Somehow, one person or another will disperse with revelation knowledge and we will follow that rather than embrace the binding words of Jesus.

One would think a person must be a genius or a biblical scholar in order to understand what is known as the simple message of the gospel.

Obviously, most of the Apostles were NOT learned men, but somehow we expect that we should be.

Clearly, there is an understanding of the words of Jesus, but even greater than the words of understanding is the experiencing:  This experience involves actually living day to day, the commandments of what Jesus told us to do.

This mostly can be reduced to:  “Love your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul….and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Where this is not the entire message of Jesus, it is certainly a good start.  For most of us, it would be even an excellent ending.

There is no need for tricks, spells, sleight of hand or a host of other ploys to get us involved with Salvation.

Enter the idea of TRUST.  That is, we trust our God, our Lord and our brothers and sisters in the Lord as we join hands to serve and minister to each other and to those around us.

This is NOT rocket science.  This is surrendering our own desires for the sake of others as dictated by Jesus to us for our own good.  It is a simple acknowledgement that we need assistance and guidance to do that which is pure and that which is good.  There is really no other complication than this.

Anyone who reads of the baptismal of Jesus would realize that Jesus received baptism not because he needed baptism.  Jesus did NOT need baptism to be a Christian, he did it as a humble example to show us what WE needed.

Naturally, Christ was already a Christian and followed himself.  WE are the ones in need to follow HIM.

There was no elixir involved, no Snake Oil, no money or Books involved with endless monthly payments. All needed, all that was involved were people who loved Him enough to do what he asked us to do based on beliefs and faith. Not so strange-Jesus asked us to deny our self and to follow Him.  This does not require endless messages special to a people who are set on not performing them.  All that it takes is a willing heart.



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