We all Want to be Loved

“Christendom has done away with Christianity without being quite aware of it.” Soren Kierkegaard

Acceptance, inclusiveness, identity, purpose are formulated around the notion that social consciousness is an imperative need. This social consciousness is the desire, the drive to feel that we belong.

We have a deep desire to be respected, to be well thought of and in short, to be loved.

John 15:18

“The world hated me before it hated you.”

Notice now, if we go to the sayings of Jesus we are not speaking such as with the Columbine kids who were not well liked.  We are speaking of situations where the world hates us because we do the will of our Father through Jesus.

Just look at the terrible role models put forth by the world:  We have rock stars galore, politicians, billionaires, sports heroes, inventors, etc. The word points to these people as to people of various accomplishments.

In the middle of these things we also search out and attempt to win approval of others. Truly, no one really wants to come across as a rebel.

But this is NOT what Jesus told us to do.  He told us specifically that the world will love their own and we are to FORFEIT our life in order to gain it.

Remember:  we are told we known as Christians because of our love, but not that we would be loved as a result.  Yes, you’d think a natural outcome of obedience to God would be that we would be loved.

However—look at our role.  Our role is to preach that people have gone by the wayside and that the comfortable lives they live is corrupted.  We are to teach them, these seemingly good people that their lives are as filthy clothes.  We are to teach them to take up their cross and follow Jesus.

Try telling that to someone who has sacrificed, worked hard for years and finally is able to purchase a new home.  Try telling them to either open their doors, invite the poor, the homeless into their homes or else to sell it, divide it up and give it away.  No, this is not going to happen.

Instead, we are going to tell people things that make them feel GOOD!  Non-confrontational will be our motto. Our task, as educated people will be to placate others and to gently and softly guide people into the mold of Christ.

More often than not, not only will this fail, but we will also find ourselves drifting with the tide into a complacent trance and become completely ineffective and useless as God’s warrior.

So then, we really only possess one recourse and that recourse is in obedience to God’s word and in seeking his proverbial love over the love of people.  In the end, we can one again redefine ourselves as friends of Christ and as real, genuine Christians.





3 thoughts on “We all Want to be Loved

  1. Truly, no one really wants to come across as a rebel.
    ^ Actually, my next “How Domestic Violence Affected Me” chapter is about the fact that, after growing up the way I did, I’m perfectly happy telling people (who don’t sign my paycheck) how they’re screwing up their life, especially if it affects mine in some way.

    Plus, I grew up with neighbors who closed their windows instead of calling the police when my mom shouted for help, so I despise apathy.

    I posted this to Twitter this morning:
    “America is a constant work in progress…It requires the occasional disruption, the willingness to speak out for what’s right.” (From Obama’s Selma speech: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/07/obama-selma-bloody-sunday-transcript_n_6823642.html?ir=Black)

    I am NOT someone who tells people things to make them feel good. Don’t get me wrong — I compliment other women more than probably any woman on this planet. But when I posted a Monday morning rant about the man who sparked the Cleveland manhunt, and a friend followed it with, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody,” I wanted to smack her…in the most Christ-like way possible, of course.

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